By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) Once again, the so-called “mainstream media” and their Democrat enablers have created what talk show host and constitutional expert Mark Levin calls a “pseudo-event” in his new book, “Unfreedom of the Press.”

Namely, the ‘controversy’ over President Donald Trump claiming in a marked-up map that one possible path Hurricane Dorian could have taken was through the state of Alabama.

As Tyler O’Neil writes at PJ Media:

On Thursday, Twitter lit up with the hashtag #SharpiePresident, as people mocked President Donald Trump for drawing a circle around the path for Hurricane Dorian, showing the hurricane threatening the Great State of Alabama. The memes are hilarious, but the hurricane really did threaten Alabama, as Rear Admiral Peter J. Brown said in a letter defending the president. In fact, the Alabama National Guard mobilized for the hurricane days before Trump’s infamous sharpie snafu.

On Wednesday, Trump shared the original projections, to which someone added a circle in sharpie to emphasize the threat to Alabama. Note: in the video, Trump does not claim that Dorian was still headed toward Alabama, only that the original projections suggested it would be.

The president told The New York Times he did not know who added the sharpie circle to the map. Liberals rushed to mock the president on Twitter, however, sharing memes about “President Sharpie.”

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The Left-wing media had a field day, of course:

And so on.

Mind you, the president of the United States receives multiple briefings — per day, when the situation warrants it — on events that threaten the country. That includes massive storms, of course.

People who brief the president are expected to provide him with every possible scenario so that he can make the best response decision(s) possible.

Like, for instance, briefing the president on possible paths of a major storm.

As it turns out, the president was right, as usual: There was a possibility of Dorian reaching Alabama, as the state’s National Guard was preparing for it (because that’s what responsible leaders do).

Rear Admiral Peter J. Brown, Trump’s homeland security and counterterrorism advisor, released a statement explaining the president’s position:

“As the Homeland Security and Counterterrorism Advisor, I briefed President Donald J. Trump multiple times concerning the position, forecast, risks, and Federal Government preparations for and response to Hurricane Dorian,” Brown wrote. He noted that Trump’s comments won September 1 “were based on that morning’s Hurricane Dorian briefing, which included the possibility of tropical storm force winds in southeastern Alabama. In fact, from the evening of Tuesday, August 27 until the morning of September 2, forecasts from the National Hurricane Center showed the possibility of tropical storm force winds hitting parts of Alabama.”

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But beyond that, what are we to make of the media’s response? Like Levin says, it was a contrived “scandal.” A ‘pseudo-event’ that media created as just another avenue to attack this president.

In other words, it wasn’t news. Not even close. Now, rest assured that there were truly more important events around the country and around the world that the media could have focused on instead. But they just decided to create this false scandal instead.

Fortunately, a number of people called them out for it.

We are truly living in the end times of the “legacy” media. President Trump’s characterizations of them as “fake news” have helped expose corporate media types for what they are: Creators of news ‘events,’ not reporters of them.

And they hate him for it.


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