(NationalSentinel) As the bulk of 2020 Democratic presidential contenders continue to veer to the Left of Karl Marx, so goes former Vice President Joe Biden, whose policy proposals are only exceeded in goofiness by his gaffetastic demeanor.

Speaking to reporters following a shooting spree in Odessa, Texas, Biden suggested that Congress ban ‘assault weapons’ and any other firearms that “hold multiple bullets in them.”

“This idea that we don’t have elimination of assault-type weapons, magazines that can have—hold multiple bullets in them, is absolutely mindless,” Biden said Monday.

“It is no violation of the Second Amendment, it’s just a bow to the special interests, the gun manufacturers and the NRA. It’s gotta stop.”

Mind you, the Second Amendment has a clause that says “shall not be infringed” and it’s a clause that most Democrats seem to think does not, or should not, apply to firearms ownership. Too many federal and state court judges think the same thing.

But other than muskets and single-shot .22s, what other guns would be left if Biden gets his way?

And while we’re on the subject, the Odessa shooter — 36-year-old Seth Ator — began his shooting spree by firing at state troopers who attempted to stop him for a traffic violation.

Also, he had a criminal record. Oh, and he also failed to go through a background check.

In other words, he ignored the laws on the books and they didn’t stop him from getting a firearm.

And he called police and the FBI before he went on his shooting spree after he was fired from his job, according to CBS News:

The gunman in a spate of violence after a routine traffic stop in West Texas had just been fired from his job and called both police and the FBI before the shooting began, authorities said Monday. Odessa Police Chief Michael Gerke said the suspect had been fired over the weekend from Journey Oilfield Services.

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He said both the gunman and the company called 911 after being fired Saturday, but that suspect was gone by the time police showed up. FBI special agent Christopher Combs said the gunman’s statements on the phone were “rambling.”

We can pass laws requiring only muskets be sold to Americans, but as long as more substantial firearms exist, they’ll find their way into our country.

And it will be the fault of Democrats like Joe Biden.

That’s because the Donkey Party refuses to work with Republicans and President Trump to seal our porous southwest border.

If anyone believes the Mexican cartels wouldn’t add smuggling firearms to their human- and drug-smuggling operations, they’re not being honest.

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