By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) Republican strategist Arthur Schwartz claimed on Twitter Saturday that Washington Post White House Bureau Chief Phillip Rucker was the one who “burned” President Donald Trump’s recently-ousted personal secretary, Madeleine Westerhout, by revealing to other reporters her off-the-record comments.

“I’ve heard from two reporters that Philip Rucker is the one that burned Madeleine Westerhout. A couple of people in the WH told me the same,” wrote Schwartz in a message on Twitter on Aug. 29.

The Epoch Times noted:

In an unexpected move, 28-year-old Westerhout, who was Trump’s longtime personal assistant, resigned from her role on Aug. 29 after Trump found out that she shared details about his family and about Oval office operations to journalists in an off-the-record dinner that took place near Bedminster, New Jersey, while Trump was on a working vacation on Aug. 17.

Steve Herman, the White House Bureau Chief for VOA News, attempted to challenge Schwartz on Twitter, noting he was blaming Rucker for “leaking about the reporters’ off-the-record dinner” with Westerhout. But he replied, “Has @PhilipRucker denied it? WaPo can mumble through their ‘he never violated our standards or policies’ [expletive] excuse all they want. Was it off the record? Yes. Did he repeat it to someone else? Yes.”

Schwartz went on to allege there were four reporters at the table with Westerhout, but Rucker was the only one who violated what’s pretty much a sacred oath for journalists (so they don’t burn/lose sources).

“By refusing to take responsibility for his egregious violation of basic rules of journalism, Philip Rucker is compromising the reputations of the other three. And WaPo stands by in silence,” he said in another message. (Related: Washington Post changes history to portray pro-life Americans as (wait for it) ‘white supremacists’)

“The WH should exclude @PhilipRucker and @jdawsey1 from future off the record discussions with POTUS or any other WH official. Those two simply can’t be trusted,” he added.

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In his latest post, Schwartz provided additional details about what he has labeled the “@PhilipRucker scandal.”

He claims that Rucker shared the off-the-record conversation with colleague Josh Dawsey who also writes for the Washington Post as a White House correspondent.

“Rucker broke his off the record agreement with the disgraced former WH staffer by sharing with @jdawsey1.Dawsey then shared w/ anyone that would listen. Consistent with your standards & policies, @washingtonpost? @whca?” Schwartz said.

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