By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar has another challenger for her Minnesota seat and he’s pledging to do things differently than what’s been done thus far.

A North Minnesota resident for 40 years and an entrepreneur, Lacy Lee Johnson, says he’s become frustrated not just with the manner in which Omar handles herself and her duties on behalf of her 5th District constituents, but with the way Washington functions in general.

Having never run for office, however, Johnson brings a unique perspective to the challenge in that he’s not wedded to any particular interest group or faction. And while he’s running as a Republican, he believes his objective is to get people to change their “mindset” from “liberal democrat” and try something new.

We need to do something different,” Johnson told The Epoch Times. “In order to do something different, we need to look at things differently in order to get different results.

“And what I’m saying is, let’s get this liberal democrat mindset out of our mind, let’s roll up our sleeve [and] appreciate the fact that we are in America, appreciate the fact that we are a sovereign country, appreciate the fact that you have an opportunity to do to achieve anything you want in life,” he continued.

“And I’m here to help you do that.”

Despite spending incredible amounts of money on problems, Johnson said they’re not getting better but are actually “getting worse.” In addition, he doesn’t think Omar in particular is ready to be a member of Congress and may never be.

In a new campaign video, Johnson said he had become impatient with Omar “who focuses on the past of America in a negative way.”

“[She] shows and speaks with such disrespect for our country, refusing to acknowledge the tremendous progress we’ve made since our founding,” he added.

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Omar has been accused of being anti-Israel, making anti-Semitic remarks, and in favor of open borders and socialist policies — all of which do not adequately represent the views of her district.

“She’s more concerned about [being a] national and international celebrity, and the rewards of being in political office and being famous that she hasn’t been resolving the issues facing our districts,” Johnson said, adding that Omar is not “ready” to be a representative.

“I don’t know whether she’ll ever be ready because, you know, it’s hard to overcome the environment that we were born and raised in,” he continued, The Epoch Times reported.

“And she was born and raised in an environment where was really anti-Israeli and had a certain view on things the same social view of the world. And I’m hoping she can grow and change but you might not be able to,” he added.

Recently, Johnson joined others in calling for a probe into allegations of illegal campaign spending by Omar related to an affair she’s allegedly having with a married man, Tim Mynett.

“I wish I could say I was surprised that my opponent Ilhan Omar had an affair with a married man and paid him (likely illegally) $222,000 out of campaign contributions. This is the same woman that is accused of committing tax fraud for marrying her brother. Investigate Ilhan!” Johnson wrote on Twitter Aug. 28.

The Epoch Times noted further:

In May, Omar was ordered to repay her former campaign committee nearly $3,500 for using campaign money to pay for personal travel and help with her tax returns. Moreover, she is also required to pay a civil penalty of $500 to the state for using campaign money to travel to a conference in Florida, where she received an honorarium for speaking at the event, according to the board’s investigation findings.

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