By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) Ever since President Donald Trump labeled the ‘establishment’ press “enemies of the people,” the purveyors of the Fourth Estate have taken umbrage with him and anyone else who dares to criticize them.

They are above reproach, you see, for they are the protectors of liberty, the guarantors of liberty, and the finders of facts. Or something like that.

In truth, the so-called mainstream media has devolved into a Leftist club of Democrat Party sycophants who regurgitate propaganda disguised as news while heaping outsized scorn and disdain on a president who simply offends their precious sensibilities (and because he whipped Hillary Clinton’s you-know-what).

In any event, a new survey from Rasmussen finds that a majority of Americans don’t agree with the precious media elites that they are above scrutiny and that they shouldn’t be held accountable for the false narratives and phony reporting they push on a regular basis. (Related: Fake news: NBC having a very bad week as correspondents and hosts botch TWO Trump stories)

“The New York Times and others are complaining that allies of President Trump are targeting hostile reporters by exposing controversial social media postings from their past. But most voters consider these reporters fair game for public criticism,” Rasmussen notes.

“The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone and online survey finds that 61% of Likely U.S. Voters think reporters at major news organizations like CNN, Fox News and the New York Times are public figures who deserve the same level of scrutiny as the people they cover,” the polling firm continued.

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“Just 19% disagree, although just as many (20%) are not sure.”

Meanwhile, 51 percent of respondents also said they think it’s appropriate for elected officials to single out specific reporters and news organizations for criticism, while just 39 percent say such critiques are a threat to freedom of the press.

What’s more, a large plurality of Americans surveyed — 47 percent — said they felt the average mainstream reporter is more liberal than they are, while just 19 percent consider reports to be more conservative than themselves.

Either way, the fact is, the public thinks that this whining by the media that Trump says this or says that about them is not only okay but appropriate, given their undue, outsized criticism of his administration and the growing body of fake news associated with that criticism.


Distrust of political news reporting remains at a record high, with just over half of voters now convinced that most in the media are out to get Trump. By contrast, 48% thought most reporters were trying to help President Obama pass his agenda in 2010 when Rasmussen Reports first asked this question.

Republicans (67%) and voters not affiliated with either major political party (52%) are much more likely than Democrats (25%) to consider the average reporter more liberal than they are.

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