Fake news: NBC having a very bad week as correspondents and hosts botch TWO Trump stories

By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) In the network’s unending quest to “get” President Trump, NBC and its garbage sister network, the little-watched MSNBC, haven’t had a good week.

First, MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell was forced to apologize for reporting that an “anonymous source” claimed that Russian oligarchs co-signed loans that Trump, the private businessman, took out with Deutsche Bank after his legal team responded with a threat to sue him and his network.

Next, MSNBC has backed away from claims that “children born to U.S. service members outside of the U.S. will no longer be automatically considered citizens. Parents will have to apply for citizenship for their children in those situations.”

That was tweeted by Ken Dilanian, an NBC News correspondent who covers national security, on Wednesday afternoon. Less than an hour later, he issued a correction. Here’s the original (now deleted) tweet:

Dilanian followed the first tweet with this one:

As Reason.com reported, “Dilanian (and others) got it wrong.” Writer Elizabeth Nolan Brown explained:

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The change will not apply to children born to any U.S. citizens serving in the military or otherwise working abroad. It will apply only in cases of foreign adoption by U.S. citizen parents, or children born to parents were not U.S. citizens at the time of the child’s birth. A Department of Defense spokesperson said the shift would affect about 100 children annually. 

Acting USCIS Director Ken Cuccinelli clarified that the policy “does NOT impact birthright citizenship.” 

Not to be outdone with the day’s fake news, CNN jumped on the false reporting bandwagon as well during an interview with 2020 Democratic presidential also-ran Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii.

Host Jim Sciutto offered this softball question:

As you’re aware, the Trump administration has introduced a new policy that makes it more difficult for service members deployed abroad, for their children to automatically get citizenship in the U.S. They have to go through an application process, et cetera. This will also affect State Department employees, for instance, who are serving their country abroad. As a member of the military do you find that change acceptable or warranted? 


BizPacReview correctly summarized the extent of the change:

So the rule will apply to two sets of service members: Those who aren’t yet U.S. citizens themselves, and those who’ve adopted a non-citizen child.

Moreover, and more importantly, both sets will still have the opportunity to apply for citizenship for their children. These are the facts. Unfortunately, these facts were ignored by a large swath of the mainstream media. 

In their zeal to continue painting President Trump’s immigration enforcement actions as “cruel” and “unjust,” the establishment media just can’t help stepping all over what is left of its tattered reputation it a rush to get the story completely wrong.

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