By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) Early in his first term, President Obama got straight to work ‘fundamentally transforming’ our country, and especially our military.

One of his first acts was to assign the U.S. Navy a new duty: Assessing how “climate change” would impact naval operations at some point down the road, when the polar ice caps melt and the winds and rains flood the rest of the world. Or something like that.

The creation of “Task Force Climate Change” was a blatant effort to use scarce Defense Department funds to advance a political agenda.

Well, now it’s over, and not a moment too soon.

Actually, it was over earlier this year, CNS News reports:

The closure was quiet and occurred in March, according to Greenwire, and “the group’s tab on the Navy’s energy, environment and climate change website was removed sometime between March and July.”

The purpose of the TFCC was to evaluate how climate change affects or could affect Naval and national security operations.

Retired Navy Rear Admiral Jon White, who ran the TFCC under the Obama administration from 2012 to 2015, labeled the shut down as “suspicious.”

“It was a very quiet canceling of the task force,” he told E&E News. “I didn’t know about it; no one told me. Usually, when you stand down a task force, you want to be able to go in there and declare victory.”

“It all goes back to the White House,” he added. “That’s what changed, the White House.”

Alice Hill, a member of the National Security Council during the Obama years, indicated the closure of the TFCC has a lot to do “with a pattern of climate change denial in President Trump’s administration,” reported Greenwire.

“It’s consistent with the patterns we’ve seen: Efforts with the title ‘climate change’ have either been suspended or renamed,” said Hill.  “By not mentioning climate change, we are signaling the events that we’re experiencing now, the impacts, are not something that immediately needs to be attended to and planned for.”

“Across all of [the Defense Department], it is hard for me to see that climate change is taken as seriously at it should be,” Rear Admiral white told Greenwire. “The task force ended, in my opinion, without full incorporation of climate change considerations.”

Granted, the U.S. military has a lot to consider when it is contingency planning for conflicts, and obviously the weather/climate is only one aspect of that planning.

But a couple of things are clear to anyone who has the intestinal fortitude to acknowledge it: The “climate change” narrative pushed by the Left is a hoax, period. It’s always been a hoax, and it will remain one. Obama himself proved that when he and former first lady Michelle Obama decided to by a house sitting on 29 acres of Atlantic coastline recently.

Secondly, everything Obama did was a political calculation designed to perpetuate his own power and that of the Democrat Party. This clown task force was a byproduct of his overt politicization of every government institution.

So the real questions, to Read Adm. White’s point, are: What has this task force got to show for itself after all these years?  What valuable data did American taxpayers actually purchase?

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