By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) The truth as it pertains to President Donald Trump generally gets short shrift from Hollywood, but the nation’s current No. 1 movie, “Angel Has Fallen,” seems to give a backhand to the Left’s favorite lie: That our president and Russia ‘colluded’ to “steal the 2016 election” from Hillary Clinton.

In the film, Gerard Butler plays the lead character, Mike Banning, a former U.S. Army Ranger who is currently serving on the president’s Secret Service detail. Two previous “Fallen” films focused on Banning having to save President Benjamin Asher (played by Aaron Eckhart) from North Korean and Islamist terrorists. “Angel Has Fallen” finds Banning having to save himself from “deep state” forces who are attempting to frame him for colluding with Russia in an assassination plot against President Allan Trumbull (Morgan Freeman).

President Trumbell…President Trump….similar?

As Conservative Tribune notes, this isn’t giving anything away in the movie: Banning didn’t collude with Mother Russia; he’s completely loyal to America and to the president. But he has to prove that to rank-and-file FBI agents and the rest of the country after the frame job begins.

There’s even a scene where Banning makes contact with his hermit father, Clay, a Vietnam veteran who is living off-grid because he’s afraid of the government (played by Nick Nolte). If what’s happening to his son doesn’t validate Clay’s long-held beliefs about the government, nothing would.

The movie’s apparent slap down of Trump-Russia collusion was also noticed by Townhall editor and Fox News contributor Katie Pavlich.

“Saw this last night,” she tweeted Sunday. “The script is written after the Russia investigation! In a good way and eventually shows the whole thing was a government set up. The VP looks like [Treasury Secretary Steve] Mnuchin.”

Enjoy the film trailer:

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