By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) President Donald Trump was “officially” cleared of Russian collusion and impeachable offenses by former special counsel Robert Mueller, but leading Democrats and their voters continue to act as though he never was.

As such, one of the House’s most vociferous backers of impeaching the president simply because he won an election — Rep. Al Green (D-Texas) — says he’ll try again when lawmakers return to Washington, D.C., following their August recess.

NPR reports:

With a majority of House Democratic lawmakers now behind him, Rep. Al Green says he’ll try for a fourth time to impeach President Trump after Congress returns next month.

Green first called for impeachment four months into Trump’s presidency, in May 2017.

Now, more than 120 House Democrats have publicly said they support an impeachment inquiry, according to NPR’s tracker.

“Things start with a spark, and sometimes the spark is ignored,” Green said following a Houston forum with his constituents earlier this month. “Other times the spark can cause others to become consumed with the righteousness of a cause and participate in the cause itself.”

The eight-term congressman has remained the lone lawmaker calling for Trump’s impeachment from the House floor for more than two years. But during that time, he has been joined by a steady stream of Democrats as they took control of the chamber this year.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) now appears to be in the minority of her own caucus, and it’s not certain she has the power to quell this little internal impeachment rebellion. Never mind that it’s not going anywhere because even if a majority of the House votes to impeach, the Senate will never vote to convict. So it’s a moot point and all for political show in the lead-up to 2020.

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But while Democrats continue to play these ridiculous political games, the country’s borders remain chaotic, the world is getting more and more dangerous, China’s on the move, Russia is developing next-gen hypersonic ballistic missiles, opioids continue to kill Americans by the tens of thousands, and some of our largest (Democrat-run) cities are becoming third-world cesspools of homelessness, filth, drug use, crime, and violence.

None of which matters to the Al Green Impeachment Machine.

What might matter to him and other Democrats who appear to back the effort is that it will likely galvanize the country (even more) and bolster President Trump’s reelection chances, which are already good.

So there may be a silver lining in all this foolishness after all.

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