By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) The reactions from the mainstream media, Democrats, and Trump haters of all stripes is well-worn and predictable now after every international event attended by President Donald Trump: He accomplished nothing, he’s a failure, no one respects him, no one takes him seriously, and he’s a joke.

The usual suspects and naysayers could almost be forgiven for their criticisms because they can’t help themselves. They continue to be so distraught over Trump’s improbably 2016 win, and are hampered, mentally, by Trump Derangement Syndrome.


Politics aside, the vitriol and abject hatred reserved for this president clouds every single one of his accomplishments, which, by the way, are always achieved on behalf of our country and all Americans, including those with an unhealthy disdain for him. So it’s confusing at times to understand exactly why a better economy, an expanding industrial capacity, a stronger military, a growing middle class, and tax cuts are so unpopular with so many Americans.

Trump hate is that irrational, though.

In the wake of the president’s G7 summit, the same nattering nabobs of negativity, to borrow from Spiro Agnew, are at it again, chattering away amongst themselves on little-watched networks like CNN and MSNBC, and on the pages (virtual and otherwise) of little-trusted outlets like The New York Times and Washington Post about what a huge failure Trump is and how his every action at the summit was wrong, wrong, wrong.

Except that they weren’t. When we get down to brass tacks, the facts of the matter are this president, once again, made huge accomplishments that are intentionally being downplayed or ignored because…2020.

Take the trade deal with Japan that almost no one is talking about. As we reported:

U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer broke down the agreement into three parts, per Fox Business Network: Agriculture, Digital Trade, and Reduction of Industrial Tariffs.

“From our point of view it is extremely important for our farmers and ranchers and those who work in the digital space,” he said, noting Japan is “our third largest advocate to market,” Lighthizer noted.

Japan already imports $14 billion in agricultural products, and the USTR said the agreement would open up $7 billion more.

Within agriculture, Lighthizer said the new agreement is huge for U.S. beef, pork, wheat, dairy products, wine, ethanol “and a variety of other products.”

The U.S. already sells more than $2 billion in beef to Japan, and Lighthizer said a reduction in tariffs will “allow us to do so with lower tariffs and to compete more effectively with people” in Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) countries and Europe.

That was the icing on the cake. As Fox Business Network‘s Stuart Varney notes further, our president dominated the G7 like no other, literally “realigning” the global order.

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“No matter what you read and hear from the media, this G7 was all about Trump re-aligning the world — reshaping the world economy with America’s interests first and foremost,” he noted, adding that Trump dominated the meeting “like no other president” in recent memory.

“Trade was the headline issue … A deal with Japan – they will import a lot more of our agricultural product. Britain gets a major trade deal after Brexit, and there’s dialogue with Germany on car tariffs as well, but the most important – China,” he continued.

Meanwhile, goofballs like Jim Acosta at CNN were laser-focused on Trump’s decision to skip the summit’s “climate change” meeting. “I think perhaps one of the biggest headlines coming out of this press conference that we just witnessed here in France is that the President would not be pinned down on this question of climate change,” Acosta reported.

Why would Trump be ‘pinned down’ on this issue? After leaving the disastrous Paris climate accords that Obama agreed to, which would have amounted to a massive wealth transfer from the United States to points unknown the world over, why would Acosta possibly believe Trump had any interest at all in attending a “climate” session that he obviously discounts as little more than Left-wing propaganda?

The G7, at its core, is an economic summit; Trump went there to do business, and by all accounts, business was done.

As for China, the president said he was direct: “China wants to make a deal. And I tell this to President Xi [Jinping] who I really respect … I told him very strongly, I said ‘Look, you’re making $500 billion a year and stealing our intellectual property…We can’t make a 50-50 deal … If it’s not better, I don’t want to do business.”

That is what the G7 summit is really about. And our president nailed it. While everyone else barks about non-issues like “climate change,” the “Iran deal,” and how they can get their hands into America’s pockets, Trump was having none of it. Which is why he is so despised by the globalist cabal that is used to taking America — and Americans — to the cleaners.

“Europeans are frankly scared of America. Their economies are sinking,” he said, as Fox News reported. “They’ve entered the fantasy land of negative interest rates. Their money is pouring over here, and they just don’t know what to do. My advice: Jump on the Trump train and quit whining about Iran and climate change.”

But you won’t hear the nabobs chattering about this stuff because it represents major achievements on behalf of this president, who was working on behalf of all of us. And we know that giving this president credit for anything just isn’t done.

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