By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) CNN morning host Alisyn Camerota proved yet again that neither she nor her network really have much concern at all for resolving the border crisis or the disposition of migrant families with children, and that Trump hate 24/7/365 — along with open borders — is on the network’s agenda.

During an interview Friday with U.S. Center for Immigration Services acting director Ken Cuccinelli, Camerota wanted to discuss the Trump administration’s recent revision of the so-called Flores Agreement, which required border-crossing families with children to be released from custody after 20 days.

Under the new rule, those families can be detained until their immigration status is resolved, however long it takes. (Related: POTUS Trump schools dishonest media: ‘It was OBAMA who put migrant kids in CAGES!’)

As NewsBusters noted:

Under the old rule, people with unfounded asylum claims would flood the border, knowing they’d soon be released, never to be seen again. The new rule will discourage such fraudulent entries, and also protect the children being trafficked, being used as a ticket to get people into the country. 

When Cuccinelli made a statement about wanting to protect migrant children from being exploited, that set Camerota off (mind you, she was among the rest of the Left-wing establishment media mob that criticized the Trump administration for ‘separating children’ at the border — even though the Bush and Obama administrations did the same thing and despite the fact that it was President Trump who officially ended it).

After letting out a very audible sigh, she rolled footage of allegedly overcrowded detention conditions in which children would be kept. The network made sure to roll the footage in a way that Cuccinelli could not see.

When he attempted to make his point, Camerota cut him off, leading the USCIS official to declare, “I know you don’t want real answers; I know you don’t want truth. You want your narrative to go, but I’m not going to sit back and take that.”

The host snapped back, “I want to to be able to get a question out.” And when Camerota called the facilities “cages,” Cuccinelli responded, “We don’t use cages. We use the facilities built in the 1990s and with the last administration. So if you want to characterize it that way, everyone watching should know you’re pushing a narrative, not analyzing the situation.”

But you know who did use cages? The Obama regime, and lo and behold, CNN even broadcast it in 2014:


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