By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) In a development that reeks of tone-deafness, self-righteousness, and arrogance, a CNN panel actually criticized the hiring of former White House spokespersons Sarah Huckabee Sanders and Sean Spicer for network TV gigs after their own network hired an accused liar and coup conspirator, fired FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

As One America News reports, a panel hosted by CNN‘s credibility-free media critic Brian Stelter called for “outrage” to a very small audience — because no one watches CNN — over Spicer’s “Dancing With The Stars” gig and Sanders’ new Fox News job.

During the discussion, Stelter claimed that both former press secretaries should be jobless for the rest of their lives, or something like that, because they worked for President Donald Trump.

Stelter claims that Spicer and Sanders constantly lied to the public on behalf of the president and his administration — as though that is something new and hasn’t happened before, say, during Barack Obama’s entire eight years in office. And yet, he had no similar outrage for the 44th president’s spokespersons.

“The Trump White House has a record of misleading the public. All administrations spin. This administration lies consistently, whether it’s Sanders, or Spicer, or other White House aides. And it’s all led from the top by a president who lies even about the weather and the time of day. That, I think, is why this deserves outrage and backlash,” he said.

And yet, strangely, Stelter has no such similar criticism for his network’s hiring of McCabe or former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, who was regularly accused of lying to Congress. (Related: House Intel report: DNI Clapper LEAKED dossier contents to CNN where he is now an ‘analyst’)

Stelter went onto acknowledge that, indeed, former administration figures often land media jobs (including an awful lot of people who worked for Democratic presidents).

Still, he said, “It should still be surprising that somebody who misled the public and defended a man who calls the press ‘the enemy’ would land these types of jobs.”


CNN continues to shed viewers with its 24/7/365 Trump hate.

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