By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) Because the race-baiting sycophants in the Left-wing “mainstream” media don’t believe they have divided America enough, the ‘woke’ editorial staff at The New York Times is embarking on a project to push our country closer to the abyss.

Under the auspices of something called “The 1619 Project,” the Times seeks to rebrand history and make the issue of slavery central to America’s founding.

The title of the initiative makes reference to the 400th anniversary of the arrival of black slaves to lands later to be collectively known as the United States. And the Times is clear about its objective: “It aims to reframe the country’s history, understanding 1619 as our true founding, and placing the consequences of slavery and the contributions of black Americans at the very center of the story we tell ourselves about who we are.”

The Washington Examiner‘s Byron York explains the concise meaning of this: “The goal of The 1619 Project is to reframe American history.”

He writes:

The basic thrust of the 1619 Project is that everything in American history is explained by slavery and race. The message is woven throughout the first publication of the project, an entire edition of the Times magazine. It begins with an overview of race in America — “Our democracy’s founding ideals were false when they were written. Black Americans have fought to make them true.” — written by  Times writer Nikole Hannah-Jones, who on Twitter uses the identity Ida Bae Wells, from the crusading late 19th-early 20th century African American journalist Ida B. Wells.

Hannah-Jones makes further inflammatory, and wholly incorrect, notions of our founding and history, York notes:

The essays go on to cover the economy (“If you want to understand the brutality of American capitalism, you have to start on the plantation.”), the food we eat (“The sugar that saturates the American diet has a barbaric history as the ‘white gold’ that fueled slavery.”), the nation’s physical health (“Why doesn’t the United States have universal healthcare? The answer begins with policies enacted after the Civil War.”), politics (“America holds onto an undemocratic assumption from its founding: that some people deserve more power than others.”), daily life (“What does a traffic jam in Atlanta have to do with segregation? Quite a lot.”), and much more.

The Times promises more 1619 Project stories in the future, not just in the paper’s news sections, but in the business, sports, travel, and other sections. The Times’ popular podcast, The Daily, will also devote time to it.

Without question, this is probably the most ambitious effort to not only rewrite American history but to shift the focus away from the party most responsible for slavery and racism in general: Democrats.

For all of its existence, the American Democrat Party has stood for distinctly anti-American principles and values, but thanks to a fully co-opted media that serves as the party’s propaganda division, far too many citizens don’t know that.

For instance, they don’t know that the Democrat Party, only recently, “embraced” minorities, seemed to embrace true “equality,” and began vocalizing support for civil rights – all positions the party vehemently and consciously opposed for more than 200 years.

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As noted by Prof. Carol Swain, who teaches political science at Vanderbilt University, the Democrat Party defended slavery, actually started the Civil War, founded the Ku Klux Klan, and battled against every single major civil rights act in our country’s history.

In a video she narrated for PragerU Swain, who is black, begins:

When you think about racial equality and civil rights, which political party comes to mind – the Republicans or the Democrats? Most people would probably say the Democrats. But this answer is incorrect. Since its founding in 1829, the Democratic Party has fought against every major civil rights initiative and has a long history of discrimination.

The American Left has embarked on a long-term effort to delegitimize everything about our country by delegitimizing our founding. It’s the first step in convincing enough Americans, over time, to allow our current system to be “transformed” into something our founders recognized as tyrannical and not conducive to liberty and freedom (for anyone).

One thing that should be said about slavery and our founding system is this: The framers were brilliant enough to give us the legislative and constitutional means to right social and cultural wrongs. And we did. Slavery was abolished. Women were given the right to vote. Civil rights legislation (which passed, thanks to Republicans — see the linked PragerU video above) made us all truly equal, though the Left tries to pretend these things never happened.

They did. And our founders bequeathed us a system that allowed future generations of Americans to change what was wrong while protecting what was right.

The Times doesn’t seek ‘justice’ and ‘equality.’ The Times, like the rest of the American Left, seeks to create chaos, turmoil, hate, and division. They don’t seek to do anything for America except destroy it. Why else would you create the illusion that our entire existence is a sham?

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