Poll: Voters in battleground states prefer lowering healthcare costs to ‘Medicare for All’

By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) Nearly two-thirds of battleground state voters in a new survey said they much preferred a healthcare policy that would lower overall costs to Democrats’ version of universal healthcare which is embodied in their “Medicare for All” push.

According to a survey from the Locust Street Group, which was commissioned by the Partnership for America’s Health Care Future, 64 percent of battleground state respondents said they prefer lowering healthcare costs over ensuring universal health care.

By contrast, just 36 percent of swing-state voters expressed support for universal coverage over reducing healthcare costs.

The battleground states include Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Iowa, and Ohio, all of which are crucial for presidential elections and congressional races.

The survey also found that 60 percent of all American voters, including 59 percent of swing-state voters, want to see healthcare costs lowered. Seventy-six percent of Republicans would prefer lower rates over universal coverage.

A small majority of Democrats — 52 percent — said they prefer universal care while 48 percent said they favored lower costs.

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Also notable: The survey found that healthcare has become the top issue for the 2020 elections, as 46 percent of respondents identified it as their biggest concern. That compares to 40 percent who identified the economy as the most important issue, while 40 percent also said immigration was of critical importance.

Other findings include:

— A supermajority (67 percent) said they are satisfied with their current health insurance coverage;

— More respondents trust a free-market solution (58 percent) over a government-imposed solution (42 percent);

— Most support fixing what currently exists in terms of healthcare markets and choice (57 percent) versus a Medicare buy-in (48 percent), the public option (40 percent), and repeal of the Affordable Care Act (33 percent).

“Voters’ top concerns with new government insurance systems: higher taxes and private premiums and not addressing rising health care costs,” the survey report said.

“Most voters would rather BUILD ON what is working today (68%) than replace it with something new (32%),” it added. “67% believe we must FIX Medicare BEFORE expanding it, and 80% of voters ages 50- 64 would rather KEEP their coverage than buy into Medicare.”

Also, “most voters 18-64 with private coverage would rather KEEP their coverage (70%) than buy coverage through the public option,” while “most … (64%) are UNWILLING to pay ANY more in taxes for universal coverage.”

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