Limbaugh: Thank Obama for what happened in Philadelphia ‘because his legacy is on display’

By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) Conservative talker Rush Limbaugh praised Philadelphia police during his Thursday program for their bravery under fire as six officers were wounded in a shootout with an armed alleged drug dealer the day before, blaming the decline of respect for law enforcement squarely on the Obama administration.

As The National Sentinel reported earlier, not only were officers on the scene being shot and wounded, but back-up officers were pelted with trash and bottles, confronted and shoved as video of the scene shows:

That kind of disrespect and confrontational attitudes from the general public doesn’t occur “in a vacuum,” Limbaugh noted: It comes after years of police officers around the country being accused by the Obama Justice Department and Left-wing Democrats of being racists and bigots, and targeting young black men for assassination.

“I’m going to tell you whose legacy this is:  Barack Hussein Obama. Black Lives Matter saying, ‘The cops are murdering black people.’ Lies,” he said.

“Just this week we had Elizabeth Warren and I forgot the other presidential candidate — oh, Kamala Harris — lying about the ‘fact’ that a black citizen in Ferguson was ‘murdered’ by white cops,” the host continued, referencing the Michael Brown shooting in which he attacked white police officer Darren Wilson and attempted to steal his service weapon after robbing a nearby convenience store.

“The fact checkers can’t be bothered to correct this. So they embrace of Black Lives Matter — and by the way, Obama praised the leaders to the hilt. He was inviting them to the White House,” Limbaugh noted.

“At the same time, Black Lives Matter members were in the streets chanting, ‘What do we want? Dead cops! When do we want it? Right now!’ Another chant said, ‘Pigs in a blanket! Fry ’em like bacon,'” he said.

Limbaugh went onto explain that the anti-police bias was endemic in the Obama administration, and especially his Justice Department:

During the Obama administration, police were indiscriminately accused. They were tried and convicted by Democrats. Rallies to support the police in Dallas were not permitted.  The police were assaulted.  It all started with Obama’s Beer Summit and “Skip” Gates and this never-ending…

It was added to by Colin Kaepernick and the NFL players who kneeled and refused to stand for the anthem and the flag, on the basis that African-Americans are being shot dead and murdered by the cops.

All of which contributed to the Philadelphia incident Wednesday:

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So here we have a guy with a rap sheet longer than he’s been alive shooting up an apartment building, injuring six cops — and the crowd is cheering him on!  Philadelphia police were called to an incredibly dangerous crime scene. They showed up with great bravery. 

They went about their job to remove this clown and to protect the neighborhood. Six cops shot! Despite that –despite the language of the leftists, despite the taunts, despite having objects thrown at them — the police did their jobs.  Look, I’m not exaggerating.

It wasn’t just Obama. It was everybody in his administration supporting it, this whole Black Lives Matter business and just the idea that the cops are a bunch of pigs and they’re out there murdering people.  It doesn’t happen in a vacuum. You know, they talk about the rhetoric here on talk radio and how it affected the El Paso shooter and there’s not even a shred of evidence to make that case. 

But you can’t. They never bring up Obama and Black Lives Matter and the never-ending assaults. The whole NFL protest era, until Trump shut it down, was about murderous cops.

After a lengthy shootout and showdown, police arrested Maurice Hill, 36, who has a lengthy criminal record involving illegal gun possession and gun violence — in gun-controlled Philadelphia.

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