Sen. Tim Scott blasts critics of Trump, defends him against baseless ‘racist’ accusations

By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott pushed back hard against Democrats who habitually accuse President Donald Trump of being a “racist,” noting that it’s the only political point they can make against a leader who has done so much for the African-American community.

In an interview Tuesday evening with Fox News‘ Jason Chaffetz, Scott (R) said the reason why Democrats are so quick to tar POTUS with the “racist” label is “fear.”

“What you do smell — not hear, but smell — is fear. What you smell is fear on the left. They have been consistently using the race card every single time there’s a presidential run,” he said.

“You’ll hear, John McCain, racist. Mitt Romney, racist. Ronald Reagan, racist. George Bush, racist. W, racist,” he continued.

The junior South Carolina senator went on to list the various reasons why he doesn’t see the president as racist or bigoted.

“So without any question, you look at his legacy, it will be his accomplishments in office, frankly helping in many, many ways, African-Americans. Think about the fact that we’ve heard, we’ve all heard, about how low the African-American unemployment is, the lowest recorded in the history of the country,” Scott said.

“But more importantly, a racist would never talk about criminal justice reform and how the benefits disproportionately help African-American men. President Trump signed that legislation into law,” Scott continued.

“You would never hear a racist talk about Opportunity Zones and how he came on board full throttle because he wanted to help poor, disadvantaged communities, most of them were consistently African-American and Hispanic communities,” he added.

“You would not ever hear a racist — never would you hear a racist talk about providing more research authority, more resources, towards the sickle cell anemia, a disease that impacts disproportionately African Americans in this country. And yet President Trump signed that legislation,” Scott said.

“Why do they continue to find that narrative? Because they understand that the lowest common denominator in politics is fear and division,” he said.

“President Trump has been able to deliver policies that have promoted, encouraged and inspired growth in the African-American community economically in a way that no president has done in the last 40 years. This president is not a racist.”

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In addition to signing key legislation, the president’s fiscal policies have led to the lowest unemployment for blacks and Hispanics in decades.

And the policy achievements are having a positive political impact as well. Trump’s approval ratings among minorities have been steadily rising since he took office, which political analysts say is alarming to Democrats because minorities are an established Democrat constituency.

For his part, Trump has begun to use that to his advantage. As the 2020 campaign cycle begins in earnest, he is pointing out how policies in major urban centers where Democrats have long been in charge have failed minorities in that they have not improved conditions or opportunities.

The tactic has led to recent criticisms of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and long-serving Rep. Elijah Cummings, whose San Francisco and Baltimore districts, respectively, are rife with filth, drug abuse, decay, and homelessness.

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