By TNS Newswire Staff

(NationalSentinel) Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) plans to push new legislation that would regulate the sale of personal body armor to civilians in the wake of two mass shootings earlier this month.

Schumer, on Sunday, said he would introduce the legislation later this fall after Congress returns from its August recess.

The bill would require the FBI to begin regulating the sale of body armor throughout the United States. The New York senator said his legislation would contain exceptions for law enforcement and other related personnel.

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The purpose of the legislation is to curb the sale of body armor to the general public. Body armor has been used by assailants in several mass shootings, though police have not made an issue of it.

It’s unclear if the bill will gain much traction in a Republican-controlled Senate or whether President Donald Trump would sign it should it pass.

The legislation would have a much better chance of passing the Democrat-controlled House, however.

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