By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) President Donald Trump on Friday pushed back against criticism from Democrats, the media, and Left-wing groups outraged by raids conducted earlier this week by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents in six Mississippi cities, saying they will serve as a “good deterrent” to illegal aliens and U.S. employers who hire them.

“I want people to know that if they come into the United States illegally, they’re getting out, they’re going to be brought out,” the president said at the White House. “And this serves as a very good deterrent.”

Reports noted earlier this week that ICE internal enforcement operations netted more than 650 suspected illegal aliens at seven food processing plants in Mississippi, though by Thursday, ICE officials said, more than 300 hundred had been released, the Washington Times reported.

Deterrence is “a big factor” in conducting the sweeps, the president said, as a warning to people living in Central America and elsewhere that considering taking part in a caravan to the United States.

“They may get in, although we’re being very tough, but they may get in, but it doesn’t matter,” the president said. “Because they’re going out. And when people see what they saw [Wednesday], like they will see for a long time, they know that they’re not staying here.”

Trump also said he’s considering a deal that would tie major immigration reforms to new gun laws favored by Democrats, though it’s not clear the opposition party is ready to move in that direction.

“If the Democrats would change the laws, what I was thinking about putting together, as you know, with the gun situation, so we have immigration, and we have let’s say some of the things that we’re talking about right now [on gun control], you have them together,” Trump said.

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He also thanked Mexican authorities and the government for doing more to curb illegal immigration from and through the country en route to the United States.

“We have the numbers way down right down, because Mexico has done a fantastic job,” he said.

“Mexico has 26,000 soldiers right now on the border. They have been fantastic, because of [U.S.] tariffs, but I don’t care what it’s because [of]. I’ll be calling the president at a certain point, I just hope they keep it up,” he added.

Mexico and the U.S. signed a Joint Declaration in June to cooperate in clamping down on illegal immigration through both countries. Mexico made the deal after the president threatened to impose a 5-percent tariff on Mexican imports.

Conservatives are pleased with the ICE enforcement operations.

“I believe that interior immigration enforcement should (and generally does) prioritize detaining and removing illegal immigrants who have also committed violent crimes, and those who have been deported previously,” writes Guy Benson at

“I also believe that ICE and CPB should (and generally do) attempt to execute their duties with an eye toward compassion and humanity, particularly when children are affected.  Nobody likes seeing frightened kids crying,” he continued.

“That being said, enforcing the law against people whose ‘only’ crime involves breaking our immigration statutes is not out-of-bounds. Adults who knowingly violate U.S. sovereignty do not get a free pass to live and work openly in America, entirely without fear of deportation,” Benson wrote.

“The federal government must — at least occasionally — signal that yes, they will enforce the laws on the books. This includes enforcement against people who are ‘merely’ living and working illegally in the United States.”

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