Levin: Left constantly trashing police but silent after hero cops save lives in El Paso, Dayton

(NationalSentinel) Conservative talker Mark Levin lambasted Leftist Democrats on his program Monday evening for criticizing police officers as racist bigots but staying silent after cops in El Paso and Dayton, Ohio, heroically saved countless lives by neutralizing or taking out a pair of mass murderers over the weekend.

Noting that today’s Left-leaning “mass media do not give voice to patriotism and Americanism…faith, and law and order,” Levin said that “the freak and the fraud and the controversial and the provocative” command their attention instead.

As such, American society is fraying and police officers — who are regularly demonized by Democrats and Left-wing organizations — are left to pick up the pieces when people who have been triggered, in part by the media, are motivated to act on their worst instincts, as in El Paso and Dayton.

“Look at law and order,” Levin began. “It’s considered ‘progress’ when we let people out of prison.

“We celebrate activist judges,” he continued. “We trash police officers and law enforcement. How many times have we heard [from the Left], ‘shut down ICE?’ How many times have we heard how horrible the Border Patrol is?

“How many times have we heard how horrible the NYPD is? Or the cops in Baltimore? And on and on and on,” Levin said. “Isn’t it interesting that none of that is talked about right now? None of it.

“It’s because we’re dealing with a media that is of the progressive ideology. They push that narrative, so they’re not going to show any circumspection” following the two mass shootings in Texas and Ohio last weekend.

“They’re not going to circle back, they’re going to keep up their drumbeat” of anti-cop rhetoric, he said.

“Support for law and order” is vital and “now you know why. When that shooter was unloading that rifle outside the Walmart then inside the Walmart, it wasn’t the ACLU that was called. The police were called. And man, do they have guts.”

“Dayton, Ohio, same thing. The police were called. Not some defense lawyer and so forth, the police were called,” said Levin. “Support law and order. What piece of legislation can you pass that would quote, unquote, prevent this?”

“People need to be held to account,” Levin said, noting that the trend among the Democrat Left today is letting more and more people get away with criminal activity or released from prison under the guise of “criminal justice reform.”

“All the talk in the Democrat debate, the second one that I watched, beginning to end, very painful, was about the people in prison,” he said, “not about why they’re in prison. Not about their victims.

“Something’s screwed up there,” he continued. “All the talk about criminal justice reform, there wasn’t talk about the victims. It was about the people in prison in an ‘unjust system.'”

Among the candidates were “constant put-downs, constant attacks on the system, ripping at the fabric of the country. These are bad things for a republic,” the legal and constitutional expert and former Reagan Justice Department official went on.

Listen (at the 22:00 mark):

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Well I like my share of cops I know personally, but I’m also not going o say they have all been angels with integrity. Of course I don’t know all cops but I also have seen my share of videos of bad cops. and so some of this bad feeling is understandable. But unfortunately, bad people who target them don’t know the difference between the good and the bad ones, just lumping them all together and attacking all of them. This is what we get when our schools are training kids to not think critically and analyze facts. They are… Read more »

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