Ex-girlfriend: Accused Leftist Dayton shooter heard ‘dark, evil voices’ in his head

By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) The ex-girlfriend of the alleged Dayton, Ohio shooter said he often heard “dark, evil” voices in his head and had other mental health issues.

Lyndsi Doll, who dated Connor Betts in high school, told the Washington Post that during his senior year he often drank energy drinks and ingested caffeine pills to stay awake during the day because he said he was tormented at night.

He also told her that when he was young he suffered from psychosis and was concerned that he would become schizophrenic.

“He would cry to me sometimes, saying how he’s afraid of himself and afraid he was going to hurt someone one day. It’s haunting now,” she told the paper.

Police in Dayton say Betts, 24, began shooting randomly the night of Aug. 4, killing nine people and wounding 24 others before officers shot him dead as he attempted to enter a crowded bar.

Among the dead were his sister, Megan Betts. A male companion of hers was among the wounded.

Doll told the paper that Betts was most comfortable and happy when he was with his sister, making it even more bizarre that she was one of his victims.

“They would play off of one another,” she said. “She was the bright, happy soul and he was the dark, more reserved one.”

Doll also said she had heard about a “hit list” Betts had created.

She also said she was warned by her friends to stay away from Betts because he had allegedly pushed on girlfriend into a body of water and allegedly assaulted another. But she added that she connected with him due to her own mental health issues, adding they were called “the emo kids.”

Though they dated, Doll said she became increasingly concerned about the “dark, evil things” he said he was hearing and his inability to remain connected with her during conversations.

She also confirmed that Betts was a registered Democrat and had nothing good to say about Republicans.

The Epoch Times noted:

A Twitter account linked to Betts showed he circulated hyperbolic descriptions of President Donald Trump, with one post claiming that the president wanted migrants shot at the border, and advocated for leftist policies, including socialism and gun control. He used language popularized by far-left lawmakers, including describing immigration detention centers as “concentration camps,” and described himself as a Satanist.

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Betts also shared posts from leftist activists and reporters, including two from the Daily Beast and NBC, which are known for opposing Trump and conservatives.

Another former girlfriend, Adelia Johnson, 24, said she met Betts when both attended Sinclair Community College and connected, again, over shared mental health issues. She added that Betts took her to shoot a rifle one time and that he often conversed about mass murders.

On their first date, he showed her video footage from a mass shooting and another time he took her along as he delivered a letter to an ex-girlfriend — leading her to break up with him, she told NBC.

Also, Melissa Appel said she dated Betts for nearly a year, a relationship that ended earlier this year. She described him as “quiet,” “respectful,” and “never aggressive.”

“When I saw the article and saw his name, I had a panic attack because … it was hard for me to believe that the person I knew could do something like this,” Appel said.

She also said Betts took her to shoot once and that he talked about guns sometimes, but she didn’t know that he owned any.

After police shot and killed Betts they recovered an AR-15-style rifle with two 50-round drum magazines attached.

Meanwhile, Theo Gainey, a neighbor, told reporters that Betts had a “dark side,” adding that he was a “bad dude” with “violent tendencies.”

He also noted that Betts was suspended during his junior year in high school after a “hit list” was found written inside a bathroom at the school.

“There was a kill list and a rape list, and my name was on the rape list,” a female classmate told The Associated Press.

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So, Trump was right. This kid was mentally deranged but the Left ignores that and prefers to blame Trump instead.

It’s the Left that is mentally deranged.


You mean the voices being sent into our brains from the 5G towers ?
Don’t doubt it for a second.

Whisperin Pints

Mental health issues make it difficult to understand and properly treat other insane people.


Energy drinks and caffeine pills then couldn’t sleep at night ? Duh !
Millenials are so screwed up. No common sense whatsoever.
Burn in hell idiot.
So sad you took the lives of innocents before the police deleted you.

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