Once again, CNN proves why it is a garbage network (Jake Tapper version)

(NationalSentinelCNN has become noted in the age of POTUS Donald Trump not as a news organization but as a propaganda outlet for the Left-wing “resistance” movement, as was on display again Sunday following a weekend dominated by two mass shootings.

Host Jake Tapper was interviewing the mayor of El Paso, Texas, where the first of two shootings took place, but not to ask, per se, about the event and its aftermath. Rather, Tapper was more focused on perpetuating the fake narrative that Trump’s ‘racist rhetoric’ was somehow responsible, even though the shooter’s own manifesto claimed that his anti-corporate, anti-immigrant, and environmental concerns predated the president.

But Mayor Dee Margo was having none of it.

“Former Congressman from El Paso, Beto O’Rourke, told me earlier in the show that, in his view, the president’s anti-immigrant rhetoric is making things worse and creating an atmosphere of violence. Do you agree? Do you have any concerns about the things President Trump says about immigrants?” Tapper asked.

“Jake, I’m not qualified to make a comment on that. I’m not a talking head. I’m focusing on the El Pasoans and the 20 deaths, their families and what it means to this community and how we can come together and not be victimized by this,” Margo responded.

“This will not define us. We are a unique region that’s been here for 350 years. There’s families on both sides. There’s commerce on both sides. We’re bi-national and bi-cultural. We’re almost 2.5 million people and our average age is 32. This will not define us.”

Tapper tried another line of attack but for the same reason: Getting Margo to admit the president is a racist.

“The Texas Land Commissioner, George P. Bush, said in a statement that ‘white terrorism’ is a ‘real and present threat that we must all denounce and defeat.’ Do you agree that white terrorism is a threat to the United States?” Tapper asked

“Jake, I’m not qualified to respond to that any more than the previous question,” Margo said. “I’m focusing on El Paso. There’s evil in this world and it’s unfortunate.”


As for the suspect, Patrick Crusius, 21, of Allen, Texas, he blamed both political parties for allowing mass immigration, catering to corporations, and environmental damage.

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“The inconvenient truth is that our leaders, both Democrat AND Republican, have been failing us for decades. They are either complacent or involved in one of the biggest betrayals of the American public in our history. The takeover of the United States government by unchecked corporations. I could write a ten page essay on all the damage these corporations have caused,” the manifesto says.

And he writes that his political positions “predate Trump and his campaign for president.”

The manifesto also hits on another Left-wing theme — environmentalism. “The decimation of the environment is creating a massive burden for future generations,” it says in criticizing modern farming operations, water pollution, plastic waste, oil drilling, urban sprawl, and “inefficient cities which unnecessarily destroys millions of acres of land.”

Not that any of this is useful to CNN‘s ongoing effort to paint the president as someone he’s not.

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