(NationalSentinel) The past week in America has been filled with hope and promise but at the same time stained with tragedy, grief, and violence. But one has little to do with the other.

First the bad news, and of course, that’s all the Democrat Party and their lackeys in the ‘mainstream media’ are going to focus on: A rash of shootings involving mass murder with “assault weapons.”

In the past week, there have been three of them: One in California, one in Texas, and one in Ohio. The last two occurred within 24 hours.

Democrats are already leaping to a preconceived conclusion: Too many guns. The NRA is bad. Orange man in the White House bad; white people who elected him are really bad (and terrorists).

The ignorance of these accusations is only surpassed by the stupidity of those making them. They reek of political opportunism, and there isn’t a rational thought or solution among those who claim to be standing on higher moral ground.

They’re not, of course. In fact, when it comes to the Democrat Party and their establishment media propagandists, a lot of human characteristics are represented but morality isn’t one of them. Indeed, the Left and the Democrat Party are destroyers of society, not builders of them.

Meanwhile, the good news. Thanks to POTUS Donald Trump’s economic stewardship and a fantastic GOP tax reform law, our economy is doing better today than it has literally in years — decades, in fact — when you consider how quickly it has been transformed from a moribund also-ran economy under Obama to the vibrant job-creating, stock market-inflating, 401(k)-growing behemoth that it is now.

Truly, what the president has accomplished is remarkable because it highlights the promise of what a great nation can be — a beacon of hope and opportunity for all who are willing to put forth the effort and contribute to a society built for, and maintained by, people who not only understand but appreciate the fact that cultural parameters are necessary to control the wildest of destructive human urges.

Which brings me to our current rash of shootings and the contrast between the good and bad news this week.

You know, it’s been apparent to me for some time now — and a lot of other Americans, I’m willing to bet — that we don’t have a “gun” problem in our country, we have a culture problem. The Second Amendment isn’t causing these mass shootings and other random acts of violence.

It’s our culture that is at the root of what ails us.

Just consider the news coverage of these incidents. The garbage media focuses on the worst players and their worst elements — Democrats, mostly — to use these tragedies as political tools to beat up on the opposition, not to dig deep and ask why they are occurring in the first place.

If the news coverage is correct — and that’s a stretch — the shooter in Texas, we are led to believe, wrote an anti-immigrant, anti-imperialist, and not at all pro-Trump screed he supposedly published on 4Chan before going on his rampage.

That’s not a gun issue, that’s a culture issue. And if accurate, think about what motivated someone to pick up a weapon and decide to go murder people he’d never met and who had never directly done anything to him.

How about the loser in California, whose rampage took the life of two kids and a young adult? What motivated him? And why take it out on innocent people?

Same for the Ohio shooter, of whom, at this point, we know little.

What is motivating these incidents? And why are there so many of these kinds of mass shooting incidents today when there weren’t 20 years ago? Thirty years ago? Fifty years ago?

Yes, we had incidents — like the sniper, Charles Whitman, who, from a tower on the University of Texas campus in 1966, killed 14 people and wounded 31 others.

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But we didn’t have them stacked upon each other. We didn’t have so many of them that we had to start keeping track.

We do now. What’s changed?

Gun laws have changed, of course, but they haven’t stopped the shootings. That’s because guns are inanimate objects — tools — not things with (or without) consciences. People with bad intentions are going to kill other people, whether they use an AR-15 or a van.

What else? Our culture has changed, and it has changed a lot.

We don’t have the same set of values we had 50 years ago. Or 35 years ago. Or even 20 years ago.

Nothing is out of bounds. Everything is ‘okay.’ We have no parameters, no more social norms, no more behavioral expectations. Thanks to an invasion of our culture by the Left, and it was by the Left beginning in the late 1960s, one cultural and social norm after another has been demolished, demonized, and destroyed.

Church? You radical Right-wing bigot. Who are you to tell people ‘who to love?’ What they can wear? What sex they are?

The 10 Commandments? Again, more bigoted BS. You’re just a Christian extremist who is trying to impose his/her values on the rest of us.

Traditional dad-and-mom families? Meh. Outmoded. Who needs ‘structure?’ Let’s not only destroy this pillar of society, but let’s also introduce free love, no-fault divorce, abortion, welfare, and life in a judgment-free zone.

As for our politics, let’s make them personal, rancorous, vicious, bloodthirsty — anything but focused on problem-solving. Party first, last, always. Your opponent is your enemy, not your opponent. His ideas are garbage, wrong, destructive, racist, anti-(fill in the blank), and hateful, not just different.

Our institutions of primary and higher education have been thoroughly infiltrated and subverted by Left-wing America-hating, intolerant bigots who look at conservatives, traditionalists, and even ‘moderate’ Democrats as people to be destroyed, not debated.

Our entertainment industry is full of self-righteous hypocrites who, when they’re not too busy telling the rest of us how to live, are showing all of us how not to. Much of what is produced and spoon-fed to the public is vile, disgusting, unmitigated filth, but we’ve been fed so much of it we hardly recognize that anymore. One shocking piece of garbage leads to another, then another, then another. And we’re told this is the ‘new normal.’

Meanwhile, these same people are attacking our culture daily, insulting it, eating away at it, dismantling it, shunning it — while preaching to those of us who resist the transformation that we are the problem.

Depravity is in and ‘righteous.’ Good, old-fashioned ‘do unto others’ and ‘thou shalt not’ are out on their asses, and they aren’t welcome around here anymore.

Abortion on demand. Death, drugs, violence in the movies and on our city streets. F you to traditional values that kept our social fabric from unraveling. Nothing is out of bounds and nothing is off-limits, except our old-time morality and cultural norms.

All of it – all of it — brought to you compliments of the far Left, which has always been right at home in the Democrat Party.

So while America is doing fine financially and economically — good news, to be sure — it’s dying from within. It’s rotting from the cancerous counterculture of the Left.

Bottom line: It’s no wonder we’re having so many mass shootings and other acts of violence. We’ve lost our collective soul. It’s been stolen from us by misguided, selfish miscreants who believe in a set of valueless values that destroy societies rather than strengthen and build on them.

That’s not a ‘gun’ problem. America is suffering from a cultural sickness the Left is perpetuating.

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