(NationalSentinel) Following the second set of 2020 Democratic presidential debates this week, pollster Frank Luntz said the party’s Left-wing shift is more pronounced than at any time since he’s been tracking political demographics since 1992.

During an appearance on Fox News‘ Laura Ingraham show Thursday, Luntz noted that he’s been shocked by how elements within the party, should they win power, are poised to attack the the country’s economic core using big labor, regulations, and the law — even to the point of punishing successful corporations as part of an ‘economic justice’ campaign.

In the interview, Ingraham played clips of leading Democratic candidates making pledges to, in former Vice President Joe Biden’s case, jail insurance corporation CEO’s as a means of holding them responsible for the opioid epidemic, to attacking and penalizing corporations — all while using the power of government to impose regulatory burdens that would cripple the U.S. economy and, experts say, lead to massive losses.

What’s more, Luntz noted, people in attendance at both debates expressed enthusiasm and approval for many of the most extreme ideas.

“I want to make it clear to viewers,” Luntz said, noting he was “in the hallway” for both debates gauging reactions, “that this is not a fight for the soul of the Democrat Party. That fight is over.

“And the hostility of these Democratic candidates, most of them, to corporate America, to CEOs, to those who have been successful is significant. The language I’ve heard in the last 48 hours is language I’ve never heard from ANY mainstream Democrat,” he continued.

“Every time [candidates] went anti-corporate, anti-CEO, anti-success, the audience just lit up,” Luntz noted.

Ingraham also played clips of Sens. Elizabeth Warren (Mass.) and Bernie Sanders (Vt.) who implored Americans to rebel against “corporations” that have “the government by the throat.” At one point, Sanders said, “Anybody who thinks Corporate America gives one damn about the average American worker, you’re mistaken. …Stand up, and take on the greed and corruption of the ruling class of this country.”

The rhetoric was not only extreme, Luntz said, but pointedly clear and honest: These Democrats would do to the successful in America exactly what they are saying they will do, if given the power.

“This is so much more extreme” that what Barack Obama was promising in 2008, Luntz noted.

“Holding the government by the throat, it’s graphic, it’s visual. And I say to every CEO who’s watching right now and every corporate executive, they’re [Democrats] are after you. They’re blaming you. They’re holding you accountable,” Luntz said.

He also noted that he recently attended an SEIU union rally to see what sort of language top officials were using with members. “And what they kept on saying was, ‘No peace, no justice, no peace, no justice.”

He predicts that, over the next year, there will increasingly be labor unrest, “a continued divide between Corporate America and its people,” and far greater tensions among the American workforce as Left-wing union officials and Democrats agitate them ahead of the 2020 election.

“There’s a lesson here that economic freedom is under attack,” Luntz said.

“This is not just about politics, this is not just about winning the nomination. This is about changing the structure and the economy of the United States. And they’re determined to turn it upside down,” Luntz said.

“And, I gotta tell you, I’ve been following this since 1992, I’ve never heard candidates this extreme. I’ve never heard candidates this hostile to economic freedom and they got the base of the Democratic Party absolutely behind them,” Luntz noted.

In short, while the Democrat Party has trended towards Marxism and Communism for decades, they have now removed their facade of ‘reasonableness’ and are pushing openly, full-bore, for the kind of ‘revolution’ that would make Vladimir Lenin, not George Washington, proud. In fact, students of history will find that today’s Democrats are using the same language Leninists and Marxist ‘revolutionaries’ have used for a hundred years.

Whether or not this is a winning strategy or not remains to be seen, but as Luntz noted on more than one occasion, there is at least some backing for Democrats’ extreme policies among the electorate.


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