(NationalSentinel) Rep. Elijah Cummings, the Maryland Democrat who has represented one of the most rat-infested, drug-infested, and dangerous districts in and around Baltimore City for more than two decades, has refused an invitation by the Trump administration to tour a federal housing facility there.

The offer was made by Housing and Urban Development Secretary Dr. Ben Carson during a press conference from Baltimore, where he is from originally.

“[Trump is] very willing to work with people here in Baltimore, including with Elijah Cummings,” Carson told reporters.

Apparently, the feeling isn’t mutual.

Carson had contacted Cummings prior to the news conference and made the joint tour offer, but the Democratic congressman declined.

That said, Carson provided Cummings some cover.

When asked by a reporter why he felt the Maryland Democrat refused his offer, Carson graciously replied, “I have no idea. I suspect he probably could not alter his schedule that quickly, that would be my suspicion.”

Perhaps. Either that or Cummings, like other congressional Democrats ‘representing’ districts with similar blight and problems, don’t want to do anything to draw attention to them or their party.

The HUD secretary added that he would like POTUS Trump to tour Baltimore as well.

“I would love for him to come and first of all just tour and have an opportunity to see things that work and things that don’t work,” Carson said.

The retired neurosurgeon and his HUD party were asked to leave an empty lot owned by a Baptist church where they originally planned to hold a press conference, which Carson likened to the larger problem of political division in the country.

“We just have all this animosity all the time,” Carson said. “Right here is this church that said: ‘Get off our property.’ You know, a church? When we’re talking about helping the people. I mean, this is the level to which we have sunken as a society.”

As to whether or not the president will tour Baltimore, as we noted in an earlier piece, we believe the president’s 2020 reelection strategy — and for Republicans beyond 2020 — is to continue highlighting the social policy failures of Democrats in Democrat-run cities, then offering GOP-oriented ideas as solutions.

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