(NationalSentinel) The American Left isn’t interested in solving the country’s problems or working with Republicans and POTUS Donald Trump to get anything done, all they want to do is “watch the country burn,” said Jon Miller, host of TheBlazeTV‘s “The White House Brief.”

On his Tuesday program, Miller lambasted Democrats and their Left-wing supporters for turning every event like the recent shooting at the Garlic Festival in California into an opportunity to bash Republicans and the president rather than come together as a country to figure out how to prevent them.

“Oh, this terrible, tragic scenario…let’s just not feel a thing and completely exploit it to make it appear as if our political opponents are responsible,” Miller said. “Is that not ghastly?”

He also noted that the Democrat Left seems hell-bent on destroying the social fabric of our country as well.

“I’m very worried that these people have a voice,” Miller continued. “And now they’re trying to tear the country apart with their irresponsible rhetoric.

“We’re not going to survive if these people continue to run the national dialogue,” he said. “They are the ones who are allowed to run their detestable mouths, and we are the ones who are silenced.”

That was likely a reference to the way in which the social media behemoths have been banning and censoring conservatives, all while allowing Leftists to say just about anything they want in disparaging conservatives.

It’s an epic rant.



  • By Jon Dougherty

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