(NationalSentinel) A flyer calling for Antifa and other Left-wing groups to converge on the U.S.-Mexico border in September for “militancy training” and a “siege” of the city features Molotov cocktails and burning federal immigration vehicles.

“Antifa is leading a ‘Border Resistance’ militancy training tour that will converge on a 10-day siege in El Paso, TX,” Quillette editor Andy Ngo, who was attacked by Antifa thugs in Portland earlier this month, tweeted Monday.

“The promotional image shows border enforcement officers being killed & government property fired bombed. Organizers asking for ‘white comrades’ to pay for others.”

The announcement of the “Border Resistance Tour” comes as POTUS Donald Trump is reportedly considering designating Antifa a terrorist organization.

It also comes on the heels of an attack on an ICE facility in Tacoma, Wash., by avowed Antifa supporter/member Willem Van Spronson, who used Molotov cocktails to burn vehicles while attempting to ignite a propane tank.

Van Sponson was treated as a John Brown-like martyr on social media by various Antifa supporters, members, and followers. Brown led the raid against a federal arsenal in Harper’s Ferry, Va., in the late 1850s in the hopes of triggering a slave rebellion.

Antifa and other far-Left groups like the Socialist Rifle Association and Redneck Revolt appear to liken their opposition to the Trump administration’s enforcement of immigration laws as some kind of modern-day movement similar to freeing the slaves in the 19th century.

As you can see on the promotional flyer, it shows a Border Patrol vehicle being set on fire, as well as a Molotov cocktail flying through the air.

Also, several people are wielding bows and arrows, and at least one Immigration and Customs Enforcement officer is on the ground after being hit with arrows.

After Van Spronson was killed by police during his attack this month, the Seattle Antifa faction posted a call to action for others to follow in his footsteps, labeling its “comrade” a “martyr” and urging a call for “direct action.”

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The event in El Paso is scheduled from Sept. 1-10, is officially called a “Border Resistance Convergence,” according to the event’s website.

“Local and national organizers are working together to build 10 days of training and direct actions for the Border Resistance Convergence in El Paso, TX — September 1-10th,” the site notes.

“We are calling on affinity groups everywhere to come together and help us address US-funded genocide and local concentration camps.”

And while it isn’t clear what training for “direct action” means, it is clear that Antifa members have a history of political violence — which, by definition, is terrorism.

Also, there is no “genocide” being committed by U.S. immigration authorities, but you can’t have a revolution without propaganda.

  • By Jon Dougherty

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