(NationalSentinel) There’s nothing quite like a conference on climate change hosted by the world’s biggest tech company, Google, to attract the most Earth-conscious ‘beautiful people.’

And of course, nothing screams ‘hypocrisy’ when those A-listers and elites show up to the event in their own private jets and massive yachts.

But that’s what happened when the tech giant put on a climate change conference in Italy to, you know, discuss what they can force the little people of the world into doing while they, of course, remain aloof and outside of such restrictions.

Somebody’s got to ‘run things,’ after all, right?

The summit attracted people like former President Barack “Spygate” Obama, Britain’s Prince Harry, Katy Perry, and perhaps climate change’s biggest hypocrite, Leonardo Di Caprio.

“The scientific consensus is in, and the argument is now over,” Di Caprio once claimed. “If you do not believe in climate change, you do not believe in facts, or in science or empirical truths and therefore, in my humble opinion, should not be allowed to hold public office.”


As reported by the New York Post, the funfest took place on the Sicilian seaside, where all gathered “for a mega-party they’ve dubbed Google Camp.”

“Everything is about global warming, that is the major topic this year,” a source told The Post.

But it’s unclear just how much time attendees of the $20 million conference (Google’s picking that tab up) will be spent actually discussing climate change and, specifically, the A-listers’ contribution to it simply by living the jet- and yacht-setting lifestyles they live.

Sure, sure, we understand. No matter where in the world such conferences are held, you’ve got to get there, right? So why not travel in style?

But come on. Many of the attendees have spent years trying to convince everyone that ‘climate change’ is a) due to human-caused activities such as living extravagantly; and b) that we’re all gonna die unless we ‘do something’ about it.

And according to Italian press reports, the attendees were expected to show up in at least 114 private jets, with 40 arriving by Sunday:

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The Post crunched the numbers and found that 114 flights from Los Angeles to Palermo, Italy, where Camp guests landed, would spew an estimated 100,000 kilograms of CO2 into the air.

“Google Camp is meant to be a place where influential people get together to discuss how to make the world better,” one regular attendee told The Post.

“There will likely be discussions about online privacy, politics, human rights, and of course, the environment, which makes it highly ironic that this event requires 114 private jets to happen,” they said.

Ironic? Yes, something like that:

Stars there also include Harry Styles, Orlando Bloom, Diane von Furstenberg and Barry Diller, who arrived on their enormous $200 million yacht Eos, which has both sails and two 2,300-horsepower diesel engines.

Billionaire Dreamworks founder David Geffen, meanwhile, gave Perry and Bloom a ride on his $400 million yacht, Rising Sun.

Also on hand for the environmental gabfest was the megayacht Andromeda, a 351-foot behemoth owned by a New Zealand billionaire and which features its own helipad.

Now, mind you, we don’t begrudge these folks anything. They’ve made it in life; good for them. We wish everyone that kind of success.

But it takes some chutzpah to live the kind of lives they live and then lecture the vast majority of Earthlings who are getting by on much, much less:

Many of the attendees were seen in photos tooling around the island in high-speed sports vehicles, including Perry, who has made videos for UNICEF about climate change and was seen in a Maserati SUV that gets about 15 mpg city.

It takes some kind of nerve to preach ‘global warming’ and ‘climate change’ policies like the “Green New Deal” most Americans cannot hope to afford the $35,000-$70,000 more a year they’d have to pay in order to ‘comply,’ while living lives of excess.

If the elites want to get together for a high-end party, okay. Go for it. Enjoy, especially if it’s being held on someone else’s dime.

And get to the party by any means that suits you.

But when discussions turn to ‘human-caused climate change,’ which — by the way, is not “settled science” — don’t forget how you got there when you’re trying to decide how the rest of us should live.

  • By Jon Dougherty, The National Sentinel

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