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Post Mueller ‘disaster’ testimony: Dems haven’t changed the impeachment meter one iota

(NationalSentinel) Well, the results are in, and a new survey found that Americans’ attitudes towards impeaching POTUS Donald Trump haven’t changed one bit since the “disaster” hearings featuring the now-disgraced former special counsel Robert Mueller.

Last week, Mueller appeared for two hearings before Democrat-run House committees, only to completely dash any hope the Donkey Party had remaining to impeach the president with a lackluster performance that left most observers shaking their heads.

Not only was Mueller seemingly incoherent at times, but it was also crystal clear by the end of the day that the only thing he contributed to the final “Russiagate” investigation report was his name.

According to a new ABC/Ipsos poll released Sunday, of those surveyed who said they saw, read about, or heard about Mueller’s testimony, 47 percent said it had no impact at all on whether they believe the president should be impeached.

In all, Americans are split impeachment: Just 27 percent of those polled saying that they are more like to back impeachment while 26 percent said they are less likely to support it. And these are along party lines.

But the 27-percent figure for impeachment has not changed at all for months. As we reported in early June:

In every single poll referenced above, a majority of the American electorate opposes House Democrats triggering impeachment proceedings.  The minority cohorts that take the opposite view range from 29 to 41 percent.

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In a pair of presidential battleground states surveyed — Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — support for impeachment is underwater by double-digits, including by 36 points in the Badger state.

And earlier this month we reported:

In all, support for impeachment tanked six points from last month, falling from 27 percent to just 21 percent. Translated, only one in five Americans believe the president should be driven from office. 

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