(NationalSentinel) During an interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday, Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney schooled the host after he was badgered about why POTUS Donald Trump is prepared to sign a huge spending bill everyone agrees will increase the deficit after Republicans, for years, have claimed to want to reduce it.

“The Senate votes this week on a bill that would extend spending limits and also extend the debt limit into 2021. This is what the bill would do. It raises spending by $324 billion over spending caps and runs out the clock on sequestration. No more forced spending cuts.

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“Question: Does the president want the Senate to pass it and if it does, will he sign this bill?” Fox News host Chris Wallace asked.

“Yes, and yes. Keep in mind the bill spends more money than the president wanted to spend. There’s no question about that, but as I’ve said on this show and you and I have talked before, elections have consequences,” Mulvaney began.

“And when the Democrats won back the House, everybody knew we were going to end up spending more money. So, what did we get in exchange?” Mulvaney continued.

“We got more money for defense, which we think we need. We get more money for the V.A. which we think that we needed, and, this hasn’t gotten nearly the attention, we got protections for the Republican policies that were in the previous year’s bills,” he said.

“Keep in mind there’s policy riders that go on appropriations bills where lawmakers who spend money try and use that money to change policy outcomes, and the Democrats wanted to limit our policies on the border. They wanted to limit our policies regarding pro-life. They want to limit our policies regarding deregulation, and we won on every single one of those,” Mulvaney said.

“So did we spend more money than we wanted to? Yes. Did we get a lot in return? Yes,” Mulvaney added.

But…but, Wallace responded:

Look at these numbers. After dealing with the great recession in his first term, the deficit under Obama dropped by an average of 11 percent a year in his second term. The deficit has increased by 15 percent a year in President Trump’s first two years. Under President Trump, our national debt has increased by more than $2 trillion, and if this bill goes through, estimates are the Trump debt will top $4 trillion. How can Mick Mulvaney, budget hawk, support this?

“If you actually went to look at it and saw what Donald Trump would do if he could pass spending bills, which he can’t, you would be on your path to balance, and the deficit would be down. Congress spends money,” Mulvaney said.

“You had — wait a minute, you had Republican control of Congress for the first two years,” host Chris Wallace said.

“Yes, who also threw our budgets in the trash, as well as dead on arrival,” Mulvaney responded. “You asked me about Donald Trump. If Donald Trump were in charge, if Donald Trump…” Mulvaney said.

“He’s the president,” Wallace interjected.


“But you also know your Constitution, which is that Congress spends the money. We have to deal with the Democrats in the House. We have to deal with Democrats in the Senate, because of the 60 vote rules. We are always going to spend more money when Democrats have that seat at the table,” Mulvaney said.

For those keeping score, Mulvaney is exactly right when he notes that Republicans, as well as Democrats, have sabotaged the president’s budget-cutting efforts. We reported in October:

POTUS Donald Trump’s first budget, which he released in March 2017, sought to literally cut trillions of dollars in federal spending over the course of a decade, but also to make those cuts permanent where possible.

Those cuts never came, largely because too many Republicans — well, RINOs anyway — refused to go along with them.

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So now, two years in, the latest White House budget proposal is a behemoth, largely because of additional federal spending on the military, but also because hardly anything has been cut from the budget. In fact, spending has gone up as the costs of providing mandatory entitlement programs continues to rise.

Trump gets hammered if the budget deficit goes up, gets hammered if he signs off on deficit budgets, and gets hammered if he refuses to sign and allows the government to shut down.

And as Mulvaney noted, all of the spending is controlled, initially, by the Legislative Branch — which refuses to cut anything.

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