By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) For the past couple of weeks in the lead-up to former special counsel Robert Mueller’s testimony before the House on Wednesday, rumors around D.C. have circulated that he has been — dare we use the word? – colluding with Democratic committee chairmen.

Specifically, some believe that Mueller and top Dems have met to hammer out a way to use his testimony as a way to revive the “Trump-Russia collusion” narrative at a minimum, and the “Trump obstruction of justice” narrative at the high end with the objective of revitalizing the impeachment drive.

Conservative talker Rush Limbaugh has made mention of these rumors on a couple of occasions since the beginning of the month, and he did so again on Monday:

I think what’s gonna happen here — and because word that I have gotten — apparently Mueller and his staff have already been meeting with Democrats, the chairmen and their staffs, and I think the plan, the intention is — you know, Mueller’s made it clear that he’s not gonna go beyond the report. And a lot of people have said, “Rush, you don’t have anything to worry about here. Mueller has said he’s not gonna go beyond the report.”

I think you’re being set up with that. I think we’re all being set up. I think what they are doing is conjuring a sentence or a line here that Mueller can utter that the media can then take sort of like a pull quote and portray it as something new. I mean, since truth is out the window and since fact has no place here — I mean, there was no collusion.

Then Rush repeated an earlier talking point that many on the Right have sought the answer to — and that Republicans in the House are sure to ask about tomorrow:

The real question is, how long did Mueller know that? How long did Mueller keep his investigation going after he knew there was no collusion? Now, as far as I’m concerned, Mueller took the job knowing there was no collusion, there never was any. There was never any evidence for collusion, folks. I hate to be beating the drum here again, but this is all gonna be coming back front and center on Wednesday so it’s not bad to have a little primer here.

There was never any collusion. There was never any evidence of collusion. This whole thing was bogus. The Steele dossier is all they ever had, and it has never been corroborated or verified because it was all made up. It was bought and paid for political opposition research from the Hillary Clinton campaign. There was never any evidence.

Now, the reason this is important – if Mueller knew shortly after he took the gig, if Mueller knew through the last half of 2017 and all of 2018, if he knew there was no collusion, then any crime that they claim they want to have found to have taken place in the year and a half this investigation continued, despite everybody involved in it knowing there was nothing there, you have what essentially would be a year-and-a-half-long perjury trap!


As we reported in September 2018, former federal prosecutor Joe diGenova said during a local radio interview that Mueller knew right off the bat that he’d been handed a garbage can of a case or, as diGenova said, “a piece of crap.”

We are republishing portions of that story here as a primer ahead of Mueller’s testimony Wednesday, in what will no doubt be the latest chapter in Democrats’ attempts to overturn the 2016 election.

(National Sentinel) Nothing Burger: Legal analyst and former U.S. attorney Joe diGenova dropped a bombshell during a Monday morning interview on Washington, D.C. station WMAL, saying that he is certain that special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation will wrap up soon and that the former FBI director has complained, privately, about the case he was given.

DiGenova essentially laughed off the 14-day prison sentence and $9,500 fine handed down to former minor Trump campaign adviser George Papadopoulos late last week, saying that light sentence “was a sign that the court viewed it for what it was,” which was…not much.

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“He pleaded guilty to lying about a legal act, his meetings with [Spygate figure] Stephan Halper and others,” he told the station. “They were completely legal and actually pretextual meetings” that had been set up by the FBI and in particular, former counterintelligence agent Peter Strzok.

In the end, all Papadopoulos proved was that “he was a fool, an idiot, and a dumbbell,” said diGenova, but all in all, the conviction “was a nothing burger.”

The former U.S. attorney also said he was certain Mueller’s probe would soon end, though he admitted that the special counsel’s report would take some time and he predicted, as have others, that it would allege “obstruction” by POTUS Donald Trump regarding his firing of FBI Director James Comey.

Then he dropped this bomb: DiGenova said that Mueller has said privately to some that he “was handed a piece of crap” regarding the initial ‘Russian collusion’ allegation against POTUS and his 2016 campaign.

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“This is going to be a bad next 30 days for a bunch of people in the FBI and DoJ under Obama,” diGenova predicted. “The Mueller probe is coming to an end with no indictments about collusion whatsoever. There will be one further indictment” regarding a false statement made “to the FBI, but other than that, it’s over, and Mueller has told very close associates he was handed ‘a piece of crap’ on collusion. They knew it from Day One,” he added.

DiGenova noted that it was “disgraceful” Mueller continues to press ahead anyway, indicting — and bankrupting — other Trump campaign figures and staffers like retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, the president’s first national security adviser who also pleaded guilty to one count of lying to the FBI, though there have been multiple reports claiming that Flynn did not actually lie and that he was set up as part of Spygate.

He has yet to be sentenced. In fact, sentencing has been delayed at least three times.

Update: As of July 2019, Flynn has still not been sentenced.

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