By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) While the Democrat Party is doing everything in its power to import its next congressional and presidential majorities, President Donald Trump and most Republicans have been working to shore up border security, stop illegal immigration, and reverse the abuses of our generous asylum laws.

Now, according to an exclusive report provided to The Daily Beast, in influential Left-wing think tank is advising the Donkey Party to cool its jets on the ‘open borders’ talk and policies because the majority of Americans are with the president and the GOP on the issue, not Democrats.

TownHall notes:

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The findings, issued by the Center for American Progress, argue that the Democratic Party has wrongly viewed the immigration battle as a “false dichotomy of America as either a nation of immigrants or a nation of laws.” Many in the party have attacked President Trump’s “law and order” messaging by counteracting that the United States is a nation of immigrants. Thus, as the president increases his call for stricter enforcement, progressives demand that more illegal immigrants are allowed into the country. 

But the study titled, “Restoring the Rule of Law Through a Fair, Humane, and Workable Immigration System,” argues that this sort of rhetoric from lefty politicians only drives voters towards the president’s line of thinking.

According to The Daily Beast, some Democrats are calling for what the Center recommends — more detention beds, more Border Patrol resources, and amnesty for all illegal aliens.

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However, others are going far to the Left in advocating for open borders, eliminating ICE, and other non-starters:

The Dignity2020 Campaign, launched earlier this month in the hopes of influencing Democratic candidates on immigration, has called for the immediate legalization of all undocumented immigrants currently in the United States, and end to both immigrant detention and deportation, and the reunification of all families separated by deportation, including under previous administrations.

Calls for nationwide amnesty and the abolition of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, the report counters, “only fuels louder calls for maximum enforcement, which then strengthen calls for abolition, ad infinitum.” Only by building a workable and human immigration system, Jawetz writes, can Democrats break the “cycle of extremes.”

Recent surveys have shown that not only do most Americans want border integrity as well as law and order, they don’t want their tax dollars going to support people in our country illegally.

The report from the Center concludes:

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It is not sustainable to have a legal immigration system that is not well tailored to the country’s needs and values and that predictably drives people to come to the country, or remain here, in violation of the law.

It is not sustainable to have an immigration enforcement apparatus that lacks popular support; operates without the most basic features of fairness, accountability, and proportionality; and increasingly exposes to the threat of detention and deportation people who have been part of U.S. communities for decades and who the large majority of Americans have long believed should be afforded the opportunity to remain here permanently.

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