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Surprise! The top 10 most popular governors in the USA are all…Republicans

By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) If all you did was listen to, read, and watch so-called “establishment media,” you would understandably get the impression that President Donald Trump is unpopular, his Republican Party is even further underwater, and that conservatives in general are about as popular as the Black Plague.

But the establishment media, little-watched and less believed, isn’t as popular or influential anymore as they think they are, which helps explain another phenomenon: The fact that Left-wing Democratic politics and those who embrace them aren’t the most popular leaders.

As a new survey finds, in fact, the 10 most popular governors in the country are all members of the GOP — the party of rational government, conservative principles, and an America first mentality.

According to the Republican Governors Association, the latest nationwide polling from Morning Consult found the top 10 most popular state-level chief executives in the nation are members of the Republican Party:

Given the highly controversial nature of his campaign, DeSantis’ name on this list appears to be the most surprising. But again, there’s that media influence that we think exists — and yet it really doesn’t.

Though he barely won his race, DeSantis’ popularity has soared since. Now, according to polling, he’s 37 points above water after campaigning on, and serving as, a Trump-like populist. That’s important, considering Florida is the largest and most diverse battleground state.

As for the least-popular governors, there are three Republicans — and seven Democrats:

One of them is Michelle Lujan Grisham, who — in a tantrum directed at POTUS Trump — removed her state’s minimal National Guard presence along the Mexico border after taking office, only to come under siege by residents of New Mexico border regions to send them back.

And look — there’s New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo, the embodiment of anti-Trump policies.

By Survival Legion

What’s also head-shaking noteworthy is that voters in Connecticut tossed out an unpopular Democrat who ensured that the state was plagued by economic contraction, high taxes, and a disappearing tax base for years. And yet, voters elected another Democrat to double down on those failures.

Finally, Kate Brown up in Oregon is also among the country’s least popular. But given her anti-Trump border policies and what she and local officials have allowed Portland to become — Ground Zero for Antifa — that’s not surprising.

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