By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) You may recall that in recent weeks the legion of potential 2020 Democratic presidential nominees all got together for a couple of nights and held a ‘debate’ that was much more of a joint declaration on far-Left political policies than anything else.

In all, 20 Democrats vying for their party’s nomination appeared over two nights. But a new survey finds the vast majority of Americans had no interest at all in watching any part of them. In fact, the survey found, just 10 percent of Americans watched the debates from start to finish, a new poll from the Job Creators Network and notes.

The poll, which surveyed 1,066 U.S. adults July 1-2, asked respondents, “Last week, the Democratic presidential candidates took part in two debates that each lasted two hours. How much of the debates did you watch live?”

Roughly one-in-10 said they watched “every minute both nights for a total of four hours each night,” while 12 percent chose “most of the four hours watched live.” Another 15 percent said they watched “less than half.”

Another 14 percent said, “I didn’t watch it live, but saw highlights online and in the news,” while 9 percent said, “I didn’t watch it live, but read news stories about it.”

By far the largest segment of Americans (40 percent) said, “I didn’t watch any of it.”

In sum, about 63 percent of Americans said they weren’t interested enough to watch the Democratic debates live, while just 37 percent turned on the debates to watch at some point — on at least one of the two nights debates were broadcast.

Only 22 percent said they watched all or most of the debates.

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So, in summation, more than three-quarters of Americans (78 percent) were not interested enough to watch even half of the debates. And while there could be several factors for this, it’s ironic that with so many candidates on stage, there aren’t more Americans clamoring to find a clear frontrunner.

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