Our republic is collapsing and it will take decisive action by Trump to save it

By David Solway

(NationalSentinel) Commenting on Rush Limbaugh’s passionate denunciation of the spirit of anti-American leftism that is destroying the country, Lloyd Marcus, who blogs at The Unhyphenated American, agrees that the time has come to say “No!” He concludes, with Limbaugh, “It is time that we take action to take back our country.

It is time that we say no to anti-American traitors and anti-biblical cultural assassins.”

This is a sentiment that cannot honorably be refuted. The problem is trying to decide what saying “No!” actually means. Merely saying “No!” is obviously a futile gesture and will produce little to nothing in the way of results.

The question is how to translate “No!” into action.

Debate and discussion with any of the manifestations of the left is a non-starter since the left does not debate or discuss. It adheres to a rigid orthodoxy that will allow no reconsideration or reflection on the putative axioms it regards as sacred.

It is, in essence, the contemporary version of Bolshevism. The left will lie, slander, cheat and commit violence to further its goals. Its mind is deadbolted shut.

How, then, to say “No!” such that it realistically leads to discernible and effective consequences? Rhetoric won’t do it. The expression of noble sentiment won’t do it. Hand-wringing won’t do it. Prayer may, or may not, be a powerful factor; Lincoln is reputed to have said: “I have been driven many times upon my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had nowhere else to go.”

But one recalls the Frank Loesser song, “Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.” Remaining content with radio talk, podcasts, interviews, essays and articles that alert the public to the impending disaster, though not to be scanted, is only a necessary first step.

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Delivering an angry vote may stave off the brunt of the calamity for an interval, but will not significantly alter the dynamics.

The answer is that a meaningful response requires material and demonstrable presidential action, as Lincoln knew in a time of national disintegration. Nothing less will do. Whether we like it or not, restitution now rests with Donald Trump.

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marty lopez

I supported Trump and I will vote for him in 2020, but you’re talking to yourself, if you expect Trump to take decisive action to save the republic. Let’s be realistic. He simply doesn’t seem to have either: a) the fire in the belly and, or b) any of the real understandings of what is required. Furthermore, all of Trump’s insights seem to be characterized by simply making better business deals. His vision of MAGA means making America a safe platform for billionaire business deals and that’s not anything bad, or wrong. He’s done plenty of good and there’s still… Read more »


It’s time to just say NO to spoiled brat snowflakes paid by Soros and blabbermouthing TRIBE members who think they rule supreme when they are nothing but steaming piles of perverted dog dung. This is OUR country, not their’s ! GET THE F**K OUT !!

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