By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) On her Wednesday evening Fox News program, host Laura Ingraham broke down the various policies being implemented by Democrats who have a super-majority in the state that are causing a breakdown in the social fabric in many major cities, even as they promote poverty and incite lawlessness.

In particular, Ingraham lambasted Gov. Gavin Newsom and the Democrat-run state legislature for their recent passage of a measure extending healthcare benefits to illegal aliens, a move she says will only serve as yet another magnet for people to break into the U.S.

Also, she hit Newsom and local officials in cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles for policies that have only contributed to mounting homelessness, filth, disease, and unsanitary conditions along block after block.

In L.A., she noted, citing a Los Angeles Times report, the homeless problem has become so severe that local businesses are now planting thorny bushes while constructing barriers and walls.

“Why Californians keep voting in these destructive, delinquent politicians is completely beyond me,” she said. “It’s all a Democrat-induced disaster.”

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For instance, she said, instead of putting money towards existing problems that need attention, Democrats in the state are spending an additional $90 million to provide healthcare (that won’t even be very good) on illegal aliens — not American citizens.

“That’s on top of the billions they already spend on them,” Ingraham noted.

In all, Democrat policies in California are marginalizing more and more people while putting downward economic pressure on low-to-middle-income residents who must pay for all of these new services — for people who aren’t even citizens of the USA.

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“The whole country will soon become the next California if these Democrats get their way,” she warned, playing clips Democratic presidential contenders running for their party’s 2020 nomination all agreeing to provide healthcare to illegal immigrants if they win next year.

“We should not forget that ‘sanctuary’ policies like California’s have led to tragic results, attracting and protecting the most dangerous elements of the illegal population,” Ingraham continued.

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