By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) If he manages to cling to his current (dwindling) lead in the 2020 Democratic presidential sweepstakes and then goes onto knock off an increasingly popular POTUS Donald Trump, former VP Joe Biden says he’ll bring back one of the worst aspects of Obamacare: The individual mandate that forces people to buy expensive, poorly featured health insurance.

Or fine us if we don’t.

In an interview with CNN Friday, Biden said, “Yes, I’d bring back the individual mandate.” He went onto claim that the individual mandate would be popular now “compared to what’s being offered.”

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What’s being ‘offered’ now is more choice and a host of employer-provided plans — and no government-sponsored punishment after President Trump and the Republican congressional majority ditched the individual mandate requirement in the Affordable Care Act when they passed tax reform in December 2017.

CNBC noted further:

Biden played an integral part in crafting the ACA, commonly known as Obamacare. However, President Donald Trump eliminated the individual mandate in 2017 by signing the Republican tax bill, effective the 2019 tax year.

The former VP also tried to sell the fiction that then-President Obama had “no time” to sell his plan to Americans, as the Washington Free Beacon noted:

Joe Biden claimed Monday that former President Barack Obama had “no time to explain the Affordable Care Act” because of the volume of problems he encountered in his presidency.

The former vice president’s comments were off the cuff, but they still belied the fact that Obama campaigned for re-election in 2012 on his signature health care law, also known as Obamacare, and held countless town halls and speeches about it before and after its passage in 2010. Those remarks included constant promises that no one would lose their preferred doctor or insurance under the law.

Biden was one of 10 Democratic presidential candidates scheduled to appear at the Poor People’s Campaign’s presidential forum in Washington, where he took a question from MSNBC host Joy Reid about how he would accomplish his legislative goals. Even if Sen. Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) loses his position as majority leader in 2020, Biden as president would still likely face Republicans capable of filibustering ambitious liberal legislation in the Senate.


Separately, Biden wouldn’t provide details on how a ‘public option’ for healthcare under his administration would take shape during recent campaign swings through Iowa and South Carolina.

But we’ve taken another look at Biden’s role in passing Obamacare, the worst “healthcare reform” legislation in the history of the country that accomplished nothing it was supposed to achieve, all while making healthcare more expensive for Americans.


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