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Sarah Sanders leaves White House with ‘head held high’ as she praises POTUS Trump

By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ official last day with POTUS Donald Trump’s administration is Sunday, June 30, but she departed Friday after work to get an early start on life in the private sector because the president is in Japan attending the G-20 Summit.

But she didn’t leave without having a few things to say — to the president and to her many detractors in the “mainstream” media and entertainment Left.

“Today I’ll walk out the gates of the White House for the last time as Press Secretary with my head held high,” Sanders tweeted Friday.

“It’s been the honor and privilege of a lifetime to work with President @realDonaldTrump and his amazing team the last three and a half years,” Sanders added.

“You’re the best…Thank you!”

The official White House Twitter account also sent a message to Sanders: “Thank you, @PressSec!”

Hannah MacInnis‏, digital director for Vice President Mike Pence, added that Sanders “will be missed.”

“It was an honor of a lifetime to be able to work with @PressSec,” she tweeted.

During her tenure, Sanders won accolades from conservatives and supporters of the president for giving the barking seal Washington Press Corps, most of whom serve as members of the Democratic Party’s propaganda division, as good as they gave. Better, in fact, in most cases.

As we reported, Stephanie Grisham, who previously served as communications director for first lady Melania Trump, is taking on the role of White House press secretary and communications director.

Sanders tweeted of Grisham last week: “.@StephGrisham45 will be an incredible asset to the President and the country. I’m sad to leave the WH, but so happy our team will be in such great hands.”

While serving the country and the Trump administration, Sanders endured horrendous abuses that no other press secretary has ever had to endure. She was mocked by a disgusting “comedian” Michelle Wolf, who in turn got a Netflix show that only lasted a few weeks.

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She was roundly mocked by another disgusting ‘entertainer,’ Samantha Bee, as well, and she and her family were kicked out of a restaurant in Virginia, which earned the eatery widespread scorn and a big protest.

What’s more, Democrats who have conniption fits anytime a woman is disparaged or disrespected never came to Sanders’ defense, but more often than not piled on instead, indicating clearly that their outrage is reserved only for Leftist women.

She will be missed, for certain, but the Washington Press Corps, we’re told, isn’t going to catch a break with Stephanie Grisham, who has a reputation for being a fire eater.

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