By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) The Democrat Party has spent decades building its ‘brand’ as the party that supports minorities, gays, lesbians, and every other ‘persecuted’ group and subgroup that only discovered they were being persecuted because Democrats told them so.

But as evidence galore proves, the Donkey Party of today is no different than the Donkey Party of two centuries years ago: It is still, at its core, made up of racist, bigoted homophobes that get away with being racist, bigoted homophobes because a) the ‘mainstream’ media, which is the Democrats’ propaganda division, allows them to get away with it; and b) because of the successful marketing of their ‘brand’ as the anti-racist, anti-bigoted, anti-homophobe party.

What’s more, even many minorities who ‘identify’ with the Democrat Party are racists, bigots, and homophobes.

As the Washington Free Beacon reports, one of them, Tayhlor Coleman, a longtime staffer at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, was just promoted despite a history of racist, homophobic tweets (that she has since deleted):

A Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee official tapped last week to lead a new multimillion-dollar initiative to connect with “people of color and younger Americans” deleted thousands of old tweets after the Washington Free Beacon reached out regarding many homophobic and racially insensitive posts.

Tayhlor Coleman, a longtime staffer at the committee, was named the DCCC’s first director of the cycle of engagement, a role DCCC chairwoman Rep. Cheri Bustos (D., Ill.) said would be a “tremendous challenge.”

You can’t say Democrats don’t have chutzpah.

“I want to thank Tayhlor Coleman for taking on this tremendous challenge at this critical moment,” Bustos said. “I can think of no one more prepared to lead this effort than her.”

Earlier this month, Coleman took to Twitter to lie about how she oh-so-supports the gay community — because virtue-signaling, for Democrats, is much easier than actually being virtuous.

Her past tweets tell a much different story (GIFs courtesy of the WFB):

She also frequently used the phrase “no homo,” which was introduced by members of the rap music community to inform others that, hey, they’re not gay. Once she mused about whether male athletes said “no homo” after smacking each other on the rear during games.

And as much heat as President Trump takes about ‘hating Mexicans,’ Coleman once tweeted she had real concerns about them.

And this wouldn’t be complete without a black woman’s reference to being a “dark-skinned slave.”

The Washington Free Beacon said it attempted to reach out to Coleman and the DCCC on Sunday, but of course, no one responded (and they’re not going to). But mysteriously, the above tweets and thousands of others disappeared from Coleman’s feed.

Imagine that.

Meanwhile, the DCCC — hypocritically — currently has a special LGBTQ “pride month” logo on its Twitter account, the WFB reported, and recently condemned “Trump’s disgusting LGBTQ+ agenda in the strongest possible terms.” Also, the group said “LGBTQ+ Americans are under attack” by Trump and Republicans, who pose a “grave threat” to equality.


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In this case, the phrase “it takes one to know one” doesn’t even apply because Republicans just don’t go around saying or tweeting these kinds of biased, bigoted things — if they did, believe me, we’d all know about it because the garbage establishment media would cover it wall-to-wall for weeks.

POTUS Trump doesn’t say these things, either, but Democrats have their brand to protect, you see, so they regularly claim that he does without providing any evidence to support their claims.

And yet, when real racism, homophobia, and bigotry presents itself in their own ranks, those people aren’t chastised.

They’re promoted.

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