By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) Leftist Democrats are great at creating massive problems they can never solve, either because doing so would disempower them or because they simply don’t have the common sense or brain power to do so.

Take the growing homeless problem in the city of Los Angeles, which has created mountains of garbage, festered disease, and blighted entire regions.

Residents, most of whom are Democrat voters, are getting so fed up with the rising homeless population they are pushing to recall the Democrat mayor, Eric Garcetti because he’s not doing anything about the problem quickly enough.

Except if he does, the ‘solutions’ he implements are only going to attract more homeless people.

Here’s the nub of the issue.

A group of Republican activists have launched an effort to recall Garcetti over his administration’s inaction in dealing with the problem.

On Wednesday, Republican political commentator Alexandra Datig held a press conference putting Garcetti “on notice” that a recall effort was underway.

Under Garcetti’s administration, mostly Democrat voters approved Proposition HHH in 2016, which called for the allocation of $1.2 billion to build 10,000 housing units for the homeless.

As of now, nothing has been built, but, mind you, building homes for the homeless is only going to attract more homeless people. That’s just human nature; if you’re homeless, would you stay in a place where you have to live under a bridge or go to a city that will provide you with shelter?

In any event, last year Garcetti announced the city would build 15 shelters for the homeless. As expected, or should have been expected, the Los Angeles homelessness rose by 16 percent last year, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Datig and her team have launched a petition to gather signatures. They need over 300,000 signatures to launch a recall, something that will take time and a lot of money. So it’s not likely to succeed.

However, the effort did spur Garcetti into action — sort of. On Wednesday, he rolled out a new plan through the city’s Sanitation and Environment Department.

As TownHall reports:

One of the efforts includes launching comprehensive Cleaning And Rapid Engagement (CARE) teams throughout the area. Instead of relying on residents to call 311 to report trash near homeless campsites,  the teams will use data to determine what areas have the most need and ensure that the hardest-hit areas receive regularly scheduled cleanups and hygiene services.

The number of sanitation teams will be bumped from 20 to 30 and more than $6 billion will be invested in equipment and supplies. 

The city will also deploy mobile hygiene units with showers and restrooms. The goal will be to take homeless, train and eventually hire them to help out with clean up efforts, especially around homeless encampments. 

“There is no one-size-fits-all approach to solving homelessness. This humanitarian emergency demands strategies that are nimble, targeted, and sensitive to the needs of our homeless neighbors and everyone who calls Los Angeles home,” Garcetti said in a written statement.

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“Our new CARE teams will help improve public health and strengthen the public good by providing a services-led approach. We want to do more to connect homeless Angelenos with the resources they need, and bring added energy to the work of keeping our neighborhoods clean.”

Prediction: This expensive new plan won’t work but will instead attract more homeless people, further compounding the problem…a Democrat-caused problem.

Perhaps someday enough people living in these disaster zones will figure out that if they keep putting the same people in charge nothing will ever change.

Or maybe not.

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