Virginia Beach cover-up: Victim killed by fired co-worker wanted to be armed for protection

By J. D. Heyes

(NationalSentinel) A woman who was one of a dozen people killed by a fired and angry co-worker at Municipal Center in Virginia Beach, Va., earlier this month wanted to take a gun to work for protection because she feared she might need it.

However, in the end, she chose not to because she decided it would be best to comply with the city’s ‘gun-free zone’ policy. 

She paid for that decision with her life.

According to Fox News, an attorney for one of the victims, Kate Nixon, said she talked with her husband about bringing a handgun to work a day before she and 11 others were gunned down May 31 by DeWayne Craddock, an engineer with the city of Virginia Beach for 15 years. Craddock was killed in an ensuing gun battle with police.

“Kate expressed to her husband concerns about this individual in particular, as well as one other person,” Nixon family attorney Kevin Martingayle told WHRV’s “HearSay with Cathy Lewis” radio show Monday.

“In fact, they had a discussion the night before about whether or not she should take a pistol and hide it in her handbag — and decided not to, ultimately, because there’s a policy apparently against having any kind of weapons that are concealed in the building,” Martingayle added.

Mind you, it would not have been against the law form Nixon to have brought a handgun to work with her for protection; it just would have been against city policy. In other words, Virginia Beach literally did have a “gun-free zone” policy that forbids anyone from carrying a gun for self-defense, unless authorized beforehand by a supervisor.

The policy states: “The prohibition against possession of a weapon applies even if a member has a permit to carry a concealed weapon.”

Violations of the policy would bring about dismissal. “Employees who violate this policy will be subject to discipline, up to and including dismissal,” the city policy states.

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According to Ammoland, however, Virginia Beach officials say that there would have been no need for anyone to be at work with a gun because Craddock was not exhibiting any dangerous behavior:

…Virginia Beach is in the middle of a coverup, as the City claims that the murderer showed no signs of being dangerous, was in good standing, and not about to be fired. And the City also apparently made no effort to increase security after the verbal threats by the fired co-worker.

The Virginia Citizens Defense League noted that a source informed the organization that Craddock had made “loud threatening remarks as he left the property” when he was fired.

So, what are city officials — Democrats — wanting to do in response? Make it even more difficult for city employees to protect themselves at work. Fox News reports:

Julie Hill, Director of the Communications Office at Virginia Beach, said some on the City Council were considering making it illegal rather than just a policy violation if employees carried a gun at work. In Virginia, however, cities aren’t allowed to make it illegal for licensed permit holders to carry, so the City Council would merely be considering recommending the state allow them to impose legal penalties on such employees.

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“There is an item on next week’s City Council meeting for the Council to discuss a resolution to support a bill to allow localities to prohibit the carrying of firearms in governmental buildings,” she said, in reference to the city’s statement about the shooting. ]

Not only that but Gov. Ralph ‘Blackface’ ‘Infanticide’ Northam also proposed doubling and tripling down on making it easier for the next mass shooter to kill more Virginians by proposing a spate of new gun control measures that, of course, he calls “common sense” proposals.

Americans must push back against any Democrat attempts to further weaken their right to self-defense, as supposedly guaranteed by the Second Amendment. Or we’ll be burying more of our citizens.

Jurisdictions are fighting back with ‘gun sanctuary’ laws:

  • A version of this story first appeared at NewsTarget.

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