By Jon Dougherty

(NationalSentinel) Former Navy SEAL hero and Texas Republican Rep. Dan Crenshaw verbally backhanded former Obama adviser Ben Rhodes after he seemed to question the Trump administration’s claims that Iran was responsible for attacking two tankers in the Gulf of Oman this week.

Rhodes, who had the title of deputy national security adviser but who’s forte is as a writer and commentator, retweeted a video clip of Secretary of State Mike Pompeo in which he discusses U.S. Navy video showing Iranian involvement in the attacks, with this comment: “This definitely feels like the kind of incident where you’d want an international investigation to establish what happened. Huge risk of escalation.”

Mind you, Rhodes was a big advocate for the Obama administration’s ‘nuclear deal’ with Iran in 2015 — a deal the administration made through a series of concessions and policy decisions that put Americans and our allies at risk.

Rhodes’ comments drew a sharp rebuke from Crenshaw, a SEAL officer who lost an eye during an IED attack in Afghanistan after multiple combat tours in that country and Iraq:

So, do or don’t believe the Intel community?

And you’re not really a trusted source to weigh in on Iran…

You sold the public the falsehood of a moderating Iranian regime – using your media “echo chamber” (your words)- & ignoring the true danger Iran presents in the region.

Crenshaw followed that tweet with another revealing the major difference between the ‘adviser’ Rhodes and a SEAL officer who’s been there, done that.

“I’ve been watching for years as Iran moves weapons to proxies around the region, looking for opportunities to destabilize & wreak havoc, and then claim innocence. This is not new. And the Administration is right to strengthen our regional presence as a deterrence,” he wrote.

As Fox News reports, Rhodes manipulated an adoring Washington press corps into reporting what he wanted them to report regarding Iran — that is to say, he used them for what they do best, as the propaganda win of the Democrat Party:

Crenshaw refers to Rhodes’ now-infamous comments that the administration’s foreign policy team built an “echo chamber” of experts to help sell the controversial Iran nuclear deal.

“We created an echo chamber,” Rhodes told the New York Times Magazine in 2016 when asked about arms-control experts that appeared at think tanks and were then used as sources for hundreds of reporters – whom the article described as “clueless.”

Not only that, but:

— The Obama administration sent the Iranian regime $1.7 billion as a sweetener to make the ‘nuclear’ deal — funds that even then-Secretary of State John Kerry (who has been meddling in the Trump administration’s Iran policy since) admitted would be used to fund terrorist activities. And oh, by the way, the money transfer was viewed by many as paying ransom to a rogue regime (to get back American hostages Tehran was holding at the time), in contravention of long-standing U.S. policy to not pay ransoms to rogue regimes.

— Also, the Obama regime blocked a major U.S. initiative to interrupt a billion-dollar-a-year global drug-smuggling operation by Hezbollah, one of the world’s leading terrorist organizations that just happens to be tied to, and funded by….wait for it…Iran. As Politico reported after Obama left office:

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In its determination to secure a nuclear deal with Iran, the Obama administration derailed an ambitious law enforcement campaign targeting drug trafficking by the Iranian-backed terrorist group Hezbollah, even as it was funneling cocaine into the United States…

Crenshaw is right: Ben Rhodes is one of the last people who has any legitimacy or right to comment on anything this administration says or does regarding Iran.

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