By Jon Dougherty

Former top POTUS Trump adviser Steve Bannon blasted “Sleepy” Joe Biden on Tuesday as he campaigned for Democratic voters in Iowa for trying to “happy talk his way” out of criticizing Communist China because his son, Hunter Biden, made a sweetheart deal with Beijing during his vice presidency.

“Joe Biden goes into to Iowa today and tries to happy talk his way past China and accusing President Trump of causing this problem. And I think he has to be called out,” Bannon told the John Fredericks Radio Network.

“Joe Biden has still not come forward with his financial records or tax returns or anything to talk about him being compromised by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). We know his son Hunter took $1.5 BILLION in dollars from the bank of China which is potentially the piggy bank for the CCP. The only central bank in the G20,” Bannon, the former managing editor of Breitbart News, said.

“The bank is not independent it reports directly to the local party. Hunter took $1.5 billion in a private equity fund and we have no idea how the Biden family has enriched itself off of that. This is how the Chinese Communist Party does influence peddling,” Bannon continued.

“And Biden now avoids this for the last six weeks and he goes into Iowa and tries to blame Trump for this economic war China has been riding on us… Joe Biden has done more than any single politician to destroy working-class Democrats and working class people across this country.”

He went onto note that a President Biden would not only re-embrace a policy which caters to, not challenges, the Chinese like past presidents, all to the detriment of the U.S.

And he said that Biden’s trade policies would harm American workers and American industries, just like the deals POTUS Trump is attempting to reverse or has already reversed.

“He’s supported every free trade deal, he’s in bed with the globalists, he gives this happy talk of Middle-Class Joe… What Donald Trump has done, the first president we’ve ever had, either Republican or Democrat, has engaged these Chinese Communists in this economic war and he’s started to bring the supply chain back to domestic democracies, back to Europe, the United States and Japan,” Bannon said, adding that other Democrats would pursue the same policies.

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“Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden, they say they speak to the Trump base more than Trump does. They got to prove it now and take on Joe Biden. It’s not the responsibility of President Trump to do this… It’s their primary responsibility,” Bannon noted.

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