By Jon Dougherty

Whether the Democrats eventually nominate former VP Joe Biden or someone else, it’s beginning to look like that candidate can mark Pennsylvania off their list of states to pick up.

That’s because, according to a new focus group finding, swing voters in the state who backed the criminal Obama in 2012 but voted for POTUS Donald Trump in 2016 are lining up to stick with him next year, Axios reported Tuesday.

“Their loyalty is a wakeup call to all 2020 Democrats, but especially Joe Biden, since he’s banking heavily on his ability to win the state,” the site noted.

“Pennsylvania was crucial to Trump’s victory in 2016, and it’s a key state Democrats are hoping to win back in 2020. These swing voters show the importance of Democratic candidates breaking through in rural areas like Erie if they want to replace Trump,” Axios noted further, adding:

What they’re saying:

  • Tara Biddle, a 37-year-old kindergarten teacher, said although she’s not completely happy with Trump, she’d only switch candidates if they picked up where he left off.
  • “I would be willing to vote for someone other than Trump who would continue the initiatives he’s started” with the economy, tariffs and immigration, she said.
  • Others said Trump should be able to serve two full terms. “When I changed my vote I gave him eight years,” said 62-year-old David R.
  • “He’s the best-looking food on the buffet right now,” said 28-year-old Matt G. about Trump compared to all the Democrats running for president.

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The biggest complaint appears to be that the president spends too much time on Twitter. One man, 52-year-old Tim G., said, “The only thing I would say, I’d like someone to get his Twitter account away.”

Others in a focus group agreed.

The group also was not disappointed he had not accomplished more, blaming others — not him, rightfully — for those failures.  “The swamp might’ve been a little tougher than he thought it was,” Vince K. told Axios.

What about the report from special counsel Robert Mueller? No big deal.

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“You could investigate every president; they’re all shady,” said Jessica G. “Let’s just move on and let him do his job.”

When asked about the qualities they like to see in a president, the focus group offered “assertive,” “negotiator,” “powerful,” and “Christian” — all qualities they assign to POTUS Trump.

“Trump won Erie by less than 1 percentage point, but some of his most crucial supporters aren’t giving up on him yet — so don’t count him out to win Pennsylvania again,” Axios concluded.

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