By Jon Dougherty

In an effort to placate the party’s increasingly unhinged Left-wing base, Democrats in the House will hold what critics are calling “fake impeachment hearings” on Monday, though one Republican is reminding a powerful committee chairman of the chamber’s rules regarding the treatment of the president.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) will hold a hearing featuring Watergate-era stoolie and convict John Dean, reputed to be the one who brought down President Richard Nixon though in reality, it was a series of tapes in which Nixon discussed obstructing justice and other crimes that actually did him in.

The hearing, “Lessons from the Mueller Report: Presidential Obstruction and Other Crimes,” is liable to be nothing more than a Democrat hate-fest aimed at ‘convicting’ POTUS Donald Trump of similar crimes in the court of public opinion, critics noted.

And that’s not allowed under current House rules, Rep. Doug Collins (R-Ga.), reminded Nadler in a scathing letter sent over the weekend.

“In light of Monday’s hearing…I am compelled to remind you— and request you remind the Majority Members of the Committee — the Rules of the House prohibit Members from ‘engag[ing] in personalities’ with Members of Congress, Senators, or the President,” Collins wrote.

“This appears to be part of a strategy to turn the Committee’s oversight hearings into a mock-impeachment inquiry rather than a legitimate exercise in congressional oversight. Conducting such hearings inevitably sets this Committee on a collision course with the longstanding Rules of the House, which you have apparently alluded to as recently as this week.”

The letter also directs Nadler and other panel Democrats to read Jefferson’s Manual on parliamentary procedure written by Thomas Jefferson which is incorporated into the rules of the House of Representatives.

As noted by PJ Media, Collins reminded Nadler:

  • Personal abuse, innuendo, or ridicule of the President is not permitted.
  • It is not in order to call the President a ‘‘liar’’ or accuse such person of “lying”.
  • It is not in order to cast aspersions on the ethical behavior of the President.
  • Accusations that the President has committed a crime, or even that the President has done something illegal, are unparliamentary.
  • Language impugning the patriotism or loyalty of the President is not in order.
  • Personally disparaging the manner in which the President carries out the duties of the office can constitute a personality, such as when the remarks suggest that the President is an undemocratic leader akin to a dictator.
  • A Member may not read in debate extraneous material personally abusive of the President that would be improper if spoken in the Member’s own words, such as material labeling the President’s statement a lie.

Collins also provided examples for each of the things he listed as being off-limits and out of order when it comes to discussing the president, per House rules.

And while impeachment proceedings allow for more “latitude,” that’s not what Nadler’s hearing is officially for, Collins noted.

“Although wide latitude is permitted in debate on a proposition to impeach the President, Members must abstain from language personally offensive; and Members must abstain from comparisons to the personal conduct of sitting Members of the House or Senate,” he wrote.

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“Furthermore, when impeachment is not the pending business on the floor, Members may not refer to evidence of alleged impeachable offenses by the President contained in a communication from an independent counsel pending before a House committee, although they may refer to the communication, itself, within the confines of proper decorum in debate, and may not otherwise suggest that the President has done something worthy of censure or impeachment,” Collins said.

Former Watergate prosecutor Jon Sale, who managed to convict Dean and send him to prison, said Saturday that Nadler was just trying to pull off a “political stunt” featuring Dean as a ‘witness.’

“What is he, an expert in obstruction of justice?” Sale noted. “John Dean pled guilty to a conspiracy to obstruct justice. He participated in the payment of hush money. He even encouraged people to leave the country.”

None of that has anything at all to do with POTUS Trump and the allegations of Russian collusion, which, again, never happened, Sale continued.

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