By Jon Dougherty

POTUS Donald Trump unloaded on House Speaker “Nervous” Nancy Pelosi in an exclusive interview with Fox News‘ Laura Ingraham from Normandy Thursday, blasting her “nasty” demeanor towards him and her refusal to work with his administration to get things done for the country.

What’s more, the president lambasted her for the “disgraceful” condition of her 12th Congressional District in California that encompasses all of uber-Left-wing San Francisco, now laced with drug abuse, filth, and homelessness.

“Nancy Pelosi’s a disaster,” the president told Ingraham. “And let her do what she wants,” he continued, noting that she criticized him while he was overseas — something that American lawmakers should never do to any president — and called for him to be ‘jailed.’

“I call her ‘Nervous Nancy,'” the president continued. “Let her do what she wants. You know what? I think [the Democrats] are in big trouble.”

Referencing the “Spygate” coup attempt, POTUS noted, “When you look at the crimes that were committed…I don’t need any more evidence, from what I’m hearing, there’s a lot of evidence coming in.”

He said the media should “ask Nancy, why is her district [filled] with drug needles all over the place? It’s the most disgusting thing what she’s allowed to happen with her district…with needles, with drug addicts, people living in the middle of the streets, people living on the sidewalk…

“She ought to focus on that, ’cause she’s a disaster,” the president continued. “She made a statement, a horrible, vicious statement…while I’m overseas…”

POTUS also noted:

— NATO nations, with the notable exception of Germany — Europe’s biggest economy — have contributed an additional $100 billion to the alliance’s mutual defense, thanks to the president’s leadership on the issue, which NATO officials have acknowledged;

— Former VP Joe Biden is wrong when he claims that China is not a strategic competitor (but we know why he’s saying that: Because his son is in reportedly bed with the Chinese government — watch our video on that); Biden “doesn’t get it,” POTUS said.

— American farmers are “patriots” and are going to be “one of the biggest beneficiaries” of the president’s tariff regime;

— He was extremely honored to have been a part of the 75th anniversary of D-Day;

— The U.S. economy would be growing “at 5.2 percent” and the stock market (Dow) would be “10,000 points” higher if the Federal Reserve had not decided to raise interest rates just as the economy was really beginning to take off earlier in his term; “The more successful we become, the more angry people like Nancy Pelosi become because they don’t have what it takes” to move the country forward so “they get angry.”

— The tariffs on Mexico are necessary because Congress “won’t pass any legislation” to fix the problems along the U.S. border;

— He criticized the GOP senators who are not with him on the tariff regimen for Mexico, saying, “they’re hurting the country…they should be with the president on this” — because if they were, “Mexico would fold like an umbrella.”

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In that vein, the president really exposed the economic ignorance of the ruling class. He noted, “When I go into the room with the Mexicans, I ask for everything or I’m going to put tariffs on…and we’ll make a fortune.” But he said American lawmakers are undercutting him by publicly coming out against his tariff policy, which makes getting a deal that much harder.

Also, that kind of backstabbing also makes it more difficult to get a renegotiated NAFTA passed (a promise that Trump has delivered on but which Democrats in the House refuse to address because they’d rather take union donations than actually give union members back their jobs by making it easier for American companies to relocate back to the U.S.).


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