By Jon Dougherty

POTUS Donald Trump is holding true to his pledge to protect Christians around the world, as evidenced by the overwhelming number of them being admitted into the United States as refugees, many, no doubt, from countries where they are either being persecuted or not well-represented.

While the administration is also keeping its promise to admit fewer refugees overall, nearly 80 percent of those who come in self-identify under the Christian faith.

CNS News reports:

For the eight-month period ending May 31, Christian account for 79.6 percent (14,378) of the total admissions, with the biggest contingents coming from the DRC and Burma; and Muslims for 16.3 percent (2,941) of the total, with the biggest groups from Burma, the DRC, Syria and Afghanistan.

One year earlier, the same eight-month period saw Muslims comprise about the same percentage of the total as this year (16.0 percent), but Christians made up a smaller proportion than this year (66.2 percent).

That’s because other faith groups were better represented last year, with Buddhists, Hindus and Kirat adherents – especially from Bhutan – together totaling 2,008 refugees. This year those three religions together accounted for just 369 arriving refugees. (Kirat is a Himalayan and South Asian religion incorporating nature and ancestor worship.)

In all, about two-thirds the way through the current fiscal year (which ends Sept. 30), the Trump administration is on pace to keep all refugee admissions below a record-low ceiling of 30,000, which was set by the White House last fall.

From October 1 last year until the end of May, 18,051 refugees have been resettled in the U.S, and nearly eight in ten (79.6 percent) self-identify as Christians, according to State Department Refugee Processing Center data cited by CNS News.

In May, the largest monthly number of arrivals in this fiscal year – 3,242 refugees – took place, with nearly half coming from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Not only is our “rogue” president turning out to be one of the most honest men we’ve ever elected to the Oval Office, but he’s also turning out to be more conservative than Reagan and just as supportive of traditional America.

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