By Jon Dougherty

Former presidential adviser Dr. Sebastian Gorka blasted Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and other “RINO” members of the Senate GOP caucus for opposing POTUS Donald Trump’s decision to levy an escalating tariff regime on Mexico for failing to do more to interdict illegal aliens enroute to the United States.

On Tuesday, McConnell told reporters in a classic understatement, “There is not much support in my conference for tariffs, that’s for sure,” when discussing the president’s plan to impose a 5 percent tariff on Mexican imports beginning June 10, then steadily raising them throughout the remainder of this year until they reach 25 percent.

The Associated Press reported:

At a lengthy closed-door lunch meeting at the Capitol, senators took turns warning Trump officials there could be trouble if the GOP-held Senate votes on disapproving the tariffs. Congressional rejection would be a stiff rebuke to Trump, even more forceful than an earlier effort to prevent him from shifting money to build his long-promised border wall with Mexico.

Even ally Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas), was opposed.

Deep concern and resistance,” is how he characterized the mood of the GOP caucus. “I will yield to nobody in passion and seriousness and commitment to securing the border, but there’s no reason for Texas farmers and ranchers and manufacturers and small businesses to pay the price of massive new taxes.”

This amounts to nothing less than another “betrayal” of the president but, more importantly, of the American people and certain GOP voters, Gorka told Fox Business host Lou Dobbs Tuesday night.

“It’s a betrayal. It’s a betrayal of the American people,” Gorka said. “It’s a deal of devilish proportions between a Chamber of Commerce that wants illegal aliens to work cheap and undermine the American workers, and it’s the Democrats who want to have a new political plantation, a constituency of illegal aliens beholden to them.

“That’s the bottom line,” he added.


Meanwhile, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.), chairman of the Judiciary Committee, told Fox News that while “tariffs would be tough on the [U.S.] economy…the border is broken and needs to be fixed.”

He added: “And if tariffs is what it takes to get Mexico to do better on their side of the border, I’m all for tariffs.”

“Trump’s not the problem. Mexico’s the problem,” Graham continued, adding that it is also on Congress to change laws that serve to attract migrants and encourage illegal immigration. “Republicans are not the problem. Democrats won’t vote to change the laws.”

In a separate interview, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich also agreed that Congress is where the biggest obstacle lies in the U.S. gaining control over the international border.

Noting that he believes a “deal” between the Trump administration and the Mexican government “will be reached” to stave off tariffs, Gingrich added:



Frankly, the president ought to put the focus right on Congress. We wouldn’t be in this mess — he wouldn’t be having to muscle the Mexicans — if the U.S. Congress would do its job. The whole premise that Trump worked on for two-and-a-half years was build a wall, protect the United States, don’t bother your neighbor…but if the Congress refuses to do its job and he is determined to cut off the flow of illegal immigration, which, by the way, has grown dramatically in the last year, then you’ve got to pressure the number one source, which is Mexico.

Gingrich added that the president is a master negotiator who “always starts tough” and then gets “back to being reasonable” in order to strike a deal.

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