Vets angered by Ocasio-Cortez’s blatant anti-Americanism STORM out of meeting: ‘I was revolted’

By Jon Dougherty

There are few Americans more patriotic than veterans, and I ought to know because I’m one of them.

That means vets aren’t very tolerant of others who incessantly bash the country we’ve been sent to fight for an protect. Criticism is one thing and everyone has a right to voice their opinion about things, but overt anti-American sentiment?

Nah. Vets won’t put up with that, as evidenced by an incident involving our favorite socialist dictator wannabe, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.).

A group of vets who recently attended a meeting with “AOC” were completely repulsed by her attacks on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu — a favorite target of the American Left because he’s a war hero who doesn’t take any s**t from his militant Arab neighbors — as well as her trashing of American foreign policy under the Trump administration.

According to Silvio Mazella, a Vietnam war vet, who spoke to the New York Post, “She knocks the country, she knocks the president. And that’s not what America is about.”

“I just couldn’t hear her BS anymore,” Mazzella said. “I just got up, got my umbrella in my hand and walked right out.”

Another attendee, who wished to remain anonymous, told the paper they were “revolted” when Ocasio-Cortez bashed POTUS Donald Trump and Netanyahu.

The 30-ish newbie congresswoman, who was tending bar a couple of years ago and is now using her election to pretend she’s qualified to speak on such issues like foreign policy, went onto suggest that America was at least partially to blame for people being killed in Yemen, a statement that Mazzella said “really turned me off completely.”

That’s Saudi Arabia’s war, mind you, and though we sell weapons to the Saudis, so long as they aren’t being exploited for their technology and are not used against American or allied forces, we pretty much don’t have a say in that country’s foreign policy.

As for Ocasio-Cortez, her office claimed that only one person left the meeting and that was because they had to go pick up their kids.

Sure; we’ll believe that when we start believing that AOC the socialist really understands free-market capitalism and economics — with her economics degree from Boston University.

Army veteran Anthony Vitaliano, who served for 38 years in the NYPD, pushed back on her office’s claims, saying, “That’s bulls–t. Everybody that was there knows I walked out.”

In an interview on “Fox & Friends” Sunday, Mazzella told the hosts, “It was a prepared agenda for the — let’s put in this way, she is our congresswoman from January, we haven’t seen her in our area until May 28, Tuesday at 5:30. Everybody else in the United States has seen her except her own district.”

He added that he was really turned off when she started complaining about “American bombs” in Yemen.

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“I heard that, ‘’American bombs.’ In my head, I say to myself, ‘What about the Iranian bullets and Iranian bombs? Aren’t they killing people, too?'” Mazzella continued. “Didn’t feel good. It reminds me when I came home from Vietnam and we had the protesters here. You know, that’s not the way to treat people.”

Ocasio-Cortez and other freshmen socialist haters like Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar make it clear nearly on a daily basis that they represent America and American interests about as well as Vladimir Putin and Xi Jinping do.

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  1. Dagger Shield Vengeance | June 3, 2021 at 7:49 am | Reply

    Veterans aren’t pajama boy unicorn riders and they don’t take any shit from some clueless double digit IQ socialist bint.

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