By Jon Dougherty

If anyone currently working for and on behalf of the Trump administration has an expert’s grasp of our Constitution, our founding, and what sort of country our founders bequeathed to their descendants, it’s Attorney General William Barr.

During his multi-faceted interview last week with CBS News, the AG took the Left-wing “mainstream media” to task for failing to properly report on the “Spygate” scandal that, in fact, they helped to enable by serving as conduits for lies, fake news, and phony allegations against a president their friends in the deep state sought to depose.

More specifically, Barr was floored by the fact that the media was uninterested in the origins of the Russia probe — why it started, who started it, and what evidence or events actually initiated it.

“The fact that today people just seem to brush aside that it is okay, you know, to engage in these activities (spying) on a political campaign is stunning to me, especially when the media doesn’t seem to think it’s worth looking into.

“They’re supposed to be, you know, the watchdogs of our civil liberties,” he added.

Bingo. Spot-on. Aces.

Barr’s comments come as House Intelligence Committee chairman Adam Schiff (D-Calif.), a serial leaker and original ‘Spygate’ truther, is demanding that intelligence briefings from spy chiefs regarding the attorney general’s investigation.

In other words, Schiff wants to know what Barr is up to so he can undermine his probe and derail it, if possible. And he’s demanded – demanded — all appropriate documents by June 6.

As to the media’s role, Republican strategist and former chairperson for the Nevada GOP Amy Tarkanian noted as well that the media is completely uninterested in the evidence the AG has amassed thus far that points to the fact that the Obama regime used politicized and compromised officials within the Justice Department, FBI, and intelligence community to subvert Trump’s 2016 campaign.

“What’s even more troubling is the fact that he’s finding out the evidence actually isn’t matching up” according to what has actually been reported thus far, she told Fox Business host Lou Dobbs.

The intelligence community chiefs continue to stonewall Barr in his probe, though he’s been given full authority by POTUS Trump to get to the origins of the Spygate probe — something Dobbs noted was unprecedented.

Vogel Group CEO Alex Vogel, another GOP strategist, agreed, telling Dobbs, “The attorney general’s authority here is pretty clear, and I think, ultimately, he will get what he wants.”

Continuing, Vogel said, “What’s remarkable is that Congressman Schiff apparently doesn’t fully understand that issues like declassification (of documents) are solely within the purview of the Executive Branch.

“In his capacity, he has no authority to demand anything,” Vogel noted.

Of course, Schiff knows his role and what he can and cannot ‘demand.’ He doesn’t care; his objective is to serve as a foil for the Trump administration on behalf of his criminal party.

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