By Jon Dougherty

Harvard Law Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz, who wrote the introduction for the final Mueller Report that the former special counsel turned into the Justice Department following the “Russian collusion” witch hunt designed to depose POTUS Donald Trump, said Friday it’s time for Congress to get rid of the position altogether.

In an appearance on Fox News’ Laura Ingraham program, Dershowitz agreed with Attorney General William Barr’s statement that Mueller “should have come to a conclusion” regarding whether or not the president actually obstructed justice — a preposterous allegation in the first place, given his intense cooperation with Mueller’s probe.

Barr “was 100 percent right,” Dershowitz said. “Mueller should have come to a conclusion. I think if he had come to a conclusion, it would have been there was no obstruction of justice, but he was probably pressured by his staff members” — most all of whom were documented donors to Hillary Clinton and Democrats — “not to come to that conclusion.”

“I think the only thing Barr should have said that he didn’t say is, there should no longer ever be any special counsel,” Dershowitz continued. “The Mueller investigation puts the final nail in the coffin of special counsels, special prosecutors.”

Dershowitz went onto say that everything Mueller and his team of tainted prosecutors did could have been better handled by the AG and the Justice Department — there was never any need for an independent or special counsel.

He also lashed out at Mueller’s claim that no matter what, he couldn’t have indicted the president anyway per the Justice Department’s guidelines.’

“Well then, what was his investigation all about?” Dershowitz asked rhetorically, noting that Mueller’s team was never interested in finding out about collusion as much as they were focused on ‘getting’ President Trump, as evidenced by the way the went after his former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, and others close to him such as onetime private lawyer Michael Cohen.

“There was nothing against President Trump. There was no illegal collusion, there was no collusion of any kind with the Russians, and the investigation should have ended the day that decision was made,” the Harvard prof continued.

“But it continued on and on and on, with collateral crimes, many of which were not even committed, and others of which” had nothing at all to do with Mueller’s initial publicized mandate.

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Of the crimes committed, “they could have been investigated by regular [DoJ] prosecutors,” Dershowitz said, “so I think we’re seeing the death knell of the special counsel’s office.”


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